Thursday, April 22, 2010

HHD Results!

Great showing, everyone. Here are my favorites.

Octo knocked me over with this early on:

I spend my whole life
Trying to find that feeling
Of Christmas morning

Well put. Whistful. And so true for him.

Catfreek came out of the closet as Italian white trash with this one:

What's for dinner Mom?
Your Dad hasn't killed it yet
Yes, in Barrington

I want to hear more about just kilt' dinners. Great stuff.

And then she shared an experience all too familiar to most of us:

Field behind my house
A plethora of wonders
Gone. Now huge houses

This makes me sad on two levels. One, development that mows over kids' fields is sad. Two, I can't afford one of those huge houses. Nicely done.

JSP had a couple that really captured the essence of kid-dom:

An unpleasant truth
My earliest memory:
Green poop on the beach

A few questions: um, whose poop was that? Why was it green? And do I want to know the answers?

First time I saw boobs
Stash of Playboys in the woods
I was like “jackpot!”

There is something so innocent and natural about finding Playboys in the woods. But maybe I only think that because we had to go foraging through dumpsters to find our childhood porn.

Loved this one by AC:

my nose in a book
the cause or consequence of
lacking social skills

So well crafted. It presents us with a chicken / egg dilemma, doesn't it?

Absolutely taking first prize in the "funny because it's true" category, was 50:

but seriously
giant robots are scary
everyone fears them

This was part of a larger conversation between a few of you, but I have to say, it stands well on its own. It's just telling it like it is.

Then 50 got into a whole story about Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger stealing his natural wonderland.'s gotta be tough, being a rich kid in LA, when celebs move in and take the back yard woods away. My heart is bleeeeeeeeding.

But right in there were a couple verses from his epic haiku that were, well, for real, actual beautiful haikus:

pine tree canopy
fields of ivy and tall grass
the smell of clean soil

bottlebrush bushes
flowers like red sea urchins
pungent perfume leaves


JPX summed up the whole sorry, intolerable situation of childhood:

I don't like my age
I can't believe I'm 40
How did this happen?

How indeed. Let's face it, we're all doomed.

But then DCD saved the day with this one, which I declare the WINNER!

The joy of Christmas.
You really do get it back
when you are Santa.

Hooray! Thanks for reminding us that even though we're all on the slippery slope into an open grave, there's still happiness because we've followed our biological imperative and reproduced, starting the whole silly cycle of old age, suffering, sickness and death over again. But it's sooo much fun sometimes!

Congrats, DCD!


Octopunk said...

"Thanks for reminding us that even though we're all on the slippery slope into an open grave, there's still happiness because we've followed our biological imperative and reproduced, starting the whole silly cycle of old age, suffering, sickness and death over again. But it's sooo much fun sometimes!"

That's why I love her!

Congrats, sis! Nice work. I was also a big fan of Mr. AC's gorilla mask set:

My older brother
Carefully cultivated
My gorilla fear

His Halloween mask
A bloody-fanged gorilla
He used it year-round

And the delicious closing line: "But my fear remained."

Great topic, babe.

The Mr. said...

congrats D!!!!!

DCD said...

Thanks so much, Julie! Jake was just asking me what the one said that I read - luckily I realized it would not be the right one to read to him!

JPX said...

Congrats DCD, excellent haiku! It's very true.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Congrats DCD! Great write up Julie and topic Julie!

Where the hell was Handsome Stan?

AC said...

congratulations dcd! well done.

julie, great topic, intro, and outro.

clever work all around!

50PageMcGee said...

octo's about how long the pool entertained, followed immediately by catfreeek's example of that principle were favorites of mine, and brought back many similar memories for me.

this was a good topic, julie.

frosting nirvana should be the name of a 90's nostalgic wedding band.

Catfreeek said...

Great topic, great wrap up Julie!

Congrats DCD well done!

HandsomeStan said...

I feel like a big jerk. Strangely enough, I was busier yesterday even though it was my first completely unemployed Wednesday. I was traversing 3 of the 5 boroughs and parts of Jersey on various interview-y network-y meeting-type things.

All stupid Adult things that just wouldn't let me get my head in gear to think about Childhood. It was painful to know that such a great topic was slipping past me, and by the time I returned home & tried to think, there was just empty air.

This was an awesome topic, Julie, and I loved everyone's stuff. Congrats, DCD - well done!

(and I do want to echo the props to Mr. AC's gorilla mask as well as 50's honest-to-goodness real haikus (the "serious and beautiful" ones. That must've taken some balls.)

Julie said...

50, I almost put frosting nirvana in the shout outs, but I was trying to be somewhat spare, you know. But you nailed it. "Good evening, and congrats to Ted and Becky. We're Frosting Nirvana!"

One, two, three, four!

And then they begin to rock.

Speaking of frosting nirvana, what did you think of my pass at the TJ's carrot cake cookie sandwich? Octo and I were absolutely in awe. He said it's the best cookie I've ever made. I found them deadly dangerous to have in the kitchen. I could not refrain from eating three a day, and they're each like 500 calories.

50PageMcGee said...

yes, totally delicious -- and like the cookies themselves, almost quasi-actual carrot cake in a delicious crumbly way.

you'll be making more, and then giving some to me as a precaution against overindulging in them, right?

Whirlygirl said...

Congats, DCD!