Sunday, November 07, 2010

Die Mommie Die!


There are certain films that within the first five minutes I begin to question my selection. When loading up my Netflix queue in preparation for Horrorthon, I sometimes get caught up in the moment. Netflix makes suggestions and I take them. It took less then five minutes of Die Mommie Die for me to utter, “What the fuck?” Still, in the tradition of Horrorthon I felt I must trudge forward through the mud and watch til the end. So here's the skinny, this film was adapted from the hit Broadway play of the same name. A quirky dark comedy in the style of Serial Mom with the spirit and drama of a nostalgic film. Retired singing star, Angela Arden(played by Charles Busch in drag) has a horrible family. Everyone seems to have issues with her especially her husband, filmmaker Sol Sussman. When Sol is poisoned Angela's children are hell bent on pinning the murder on her. The film becomes a twisted whodunnit tale of backstabbing and lust. Ultimately, when the film was over I once again sat back and said, “What the fuck?”

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