Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Eclipse


This bleak and slow moving ghost story is more drama than horror. A novelist begins seeing the ghost of his deceased wife among others in his seaside Irish villa. He connects with a female writer and confides in her. There is little resolve. A good film to watch on a dark and rainy day but it is sorely misleading categorized as a supernatural thriller. The ghosts are barely a distraction, the main focus of the film is really the slowly building relationship between the two writers. I liked the story but the supernatural is minimal and the thriller never delivered.


Octopunk said...

Then it needs a new category. "Supernatural soap." "Drama, with Ghosts." Uh... "Ghosts and the people who talk about them, mostly boringly."

Crap. I wanted to write a review tonight but I've got a fever and I've got what I call "the stupid head." I can barely handle this comment.

Catfreeek said...

:( make some tea and curl up in front of the tv.

JPX said...

Yeah, this one sounds like one to avoid! It sounds like you experienced the old "bait and switch". You get sucked into what seems to be a horror movie only to be led into "relationmship issues". Bleech. Thanks for the warning.

Octopunk said...