Saturday, October 27, 2012

La Casa Muda

 (2010) ***

On JPX’s recommendation I watched only the Spanish version of this film. Wilson and his daughter Laura go to and old farmhouse to fix it up for sale. Laura starts hearing noises upstairs and sends her father to check it out. He returns shoved into her bloody, bound and unconscious, presumably dead. Laura starts freaking out and does some investigating herself; she eventually makes it out of the house and runs to the road where she finds Nestor, her father’s friend, on his way to the house. The two return to the house for more searching.

This is one of those times I wished they hadn’t said based on a true story in the beginning. The true story aspect hanging over my head made me think there was some logical conclusion for everything and kind of deadened my hope in a supernatural phenomenon. There are some truly scary parts to this film, in particular one scene in which Laura’s light gets broken and the only light she has is the sporadic flash of a camera she found. You know there is going to be something scary in one of those light flashes and you try to be ready for it but when it finally comes it still gives you the willies. I did have an issue with all the crying, I get that she was scared and all but for fuck’s sake I just wanted the bitch to shut up. Still, kudos to JPX for jumping on the original, as well as the American remake and giving a heads up on the better of the two. I have no intention to watch the remake.


Crystal Math said...

Sounds creepy! I want to see it just to have some closure and see how it all pans out.

Octopunk said...

I feel the same way!

But I'm really getting paranoid at my wife's interest in real estate... every freakin house is haunted or some damn thing.