Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Tunnel

(2011) ****
Somewhat of a slow builder where certain most of the characters grind on your nerves at certain points, I enjoyed The Tunnel and its aspects of mystery, promise of rogue journalism and found-footageness and this was definitely the first time this Horrorthon season that I was truly scared.

The bros J-Pants covered the storyline last year and earlier this year, and my excitement didn't die down from the first moment where we listen to a police dispatch recording of a terrified woman to the discovery of the answer, "Just what the hell is stalking homeless people down there?"
"Just what kind of Aussie transit system are you promoting here?!??"
Seriously, though, let's just expand this idea for a while. Humor me. Some sort of deranged being void of any sense of smell is hanging out in the sewers with homeless people. As much as I love the Bay Area, the biggest downside to its moderate year-round weather is the abundant scent of parfum de homeless.

Don't get me wrong. I love helping people out those in need and have done so many times in my life -- I've helped feed them with Food Not Bombs in Berkeley, I've given them clothes and newly-crocheted beanies made by Yours Truly, I've offered my home as a safe haven while they look for a job, shower, etc. I've even had not one but two difficult conversations with a couple of them regarding the following:
1) Stealing laptops that don't belong to you is wrong
2) Beating your girlfriend is wrong

... I won't tell you the outcome but I will never get those four hours of my life back. I am also don't hate homeless people though you might be led to believe so; I have just really come to detest the smell.

So, why homeless people, eh? Is it because they are the bottom-feeders of society, eating out of dumpsters and reusing the stuff you so naively label as "trash?" Is it because they are the cornerstone of the human soul, a brave example of one who never gives up despite life's hardships?

Maybe it's because their crusty exterior reminds us of popcorn shrimp.


DCD said...

I definitely want to see this one.

Catfreeek said...

I liked it too, it is genuinely scary.

AC said...

genuinely scary sounds good! i'm not sure i've been scared yet this thon.

Octopunk said...

I had this crappy job working in a construction trailer in a lot near one of the Bay Bridge's offramps (on the SF side). After some stuff got nicked the owner offered two homeless guys the opportunity to sleep inside some of the giant pipes in the yard in exchange for watching the place. I had a number of weird conversations with those particular coworkers, I can tell you.

50PageMcGee said...

...my favorite of which involves this exchange.

homeless guy: want some pot? i cured it myself.
octo: it still looks sick.