Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Devil's Rock

 (2011) ***

Two New Zealand soldiers are on a mission to destroy a Nazi armory in the middle of a desert like island. When they get to the facility they discover a grisly scene, dead body torn apart and blood everywhere, the halls echo with the sound of a woman screaming. They split up and one soldier is assassinated by an SS commander while the other is held captive and told that the female prisoner is not a woman at all, she is a demon. The facility was no armory, the naughty Nazis were messing around with the occult so they could release the ultimate otherworldly weapon and win the war. Now the two enemies must band together to send the she devil back to hell.

I really liked this film, the idea was good, the two guys play off each other perfectly. There is always that measure of distrust between them and that makes it much more believable, it’s a shaky alliance. What I didn’t like so much was the demon when she was in her natural form. They chose to make her bright red which made her almost cartoonish, like something out of a comic book. Her appearance made me take the film less seriously even though some of the scenes were quite intense. Overall it was a good flick and definitely worth watching. It’s different and I think we can all really appreciate a change of pace.


Crystal Math said...

Sweet demon pic! This one looks like fun to watch on a weekend night with friends & popcorn!

AC said...

i'da thought the nazis learned their lesson about messing with the occult in the first indiana jones movie.

DCD said...

Ha, AC! This sounds interesting, cool premise.

Octopunk said...

Nice one, AC.

Good find, Cat! I'm a sucker for all WWII horror stories, although a lot of them turn out to be crap. She does look pretty good in that picture, but I can see that red getting annoying.