Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lady Frankenstein

(1972) ****
Dr. Frankenstein's daughter Tania comes home from medical school and wants to help her father in his laboratory. She is fascinated by his work with animal transplants and wants to experiment on humans; this results in an odd twist of fate because her dad IS working on a human creation, but because the brain's hypothalamus is damaged, the creature is deranged and kills Dr. Frankenstein. Luckily, Tania is able to use her father's notes and her own medical training to create a creature that will not only avenge her father's death but fulfill her sexual desires.
"Oh Marshall, I DO love you -- but I would love you so much more if you looked like that village idiot Thomas."
Dr. Marshall and Tania are married and Marshall is willing to exchange his brain for Thomas' because he loves Tania and understands that she wants to preserve the family name. I feel sorry for Marshall and I think he should have left Tania when he had the chance -- if she doesn't love him for his mind AND body then what's the point? On the other hand this does take place in a remote village so she might be the smartest and most beautiful woman in a 200-mile radius.
I originally purchased Lady Frankenstein over the summer and knew full well it would serve me for the B-movie content and camp that I wanted and needed (what it lacked in gore it made up for in nudity). The actual quality of the film goes back and forth from being grainy to clear and could use being touched up. The ending is satisfactory and in the spirit of classic monster horror, spares no one any mercy.


DCD said...

Sounds excellent! Great find!

AC said...

sounds like a perfect early 70s B movie.

JPX said...

There is something about the look/tone of horror movies from the early 70s that makes them unwatchable for me. I'm not sure if it's the Technicolor, the styles, or the glacial pace those films tend to have, but aside from a very small handful of films I have avoided watching early 70s (1970-1975?) horror for years, especially those that feature Frankenstein or Dracula. Great review though!

Catfreeek said...

How have I never heard of this? The woman is a mad genius, she found a way to make her perfect man and somehow got the brainy side of him to agree to it! Nice find.

Octopunk said...

"On the other hand this does take place in a remote village so she might be the smartest and most beautiful woman in a 200-mile radius." Zing. It's interesting that he's so hot to be seen with her he doesn't care that he's not actually being seen with her.

How is nobody's mentioned "enormous schwanzstucker" from Young Frankenstein all weekend?

Crystal Math said...

Catfreeek apparently the same actress also portrayed Lady Dracula with a similar sexy premise -- I might have to squeeze it in before October is over!

Octo, your first comment reminds me of the KISS lyric to Strutter, "She lets you walk the streets beside her/ but when she walks she'll pass you byyyyyyyyy..."