Friday, October 26, 2012

The Coffin

 (2008) ***

According to the Thai custom, to cheat death a person must lay in a coffin for an evening to experience what death will be like. A woman follows this tradition when she is diagnosed with cancer. She later goes to the doctor and discovers her cancer is gone. That same day she receives the news that her fiancée has died in a fatal car crash, she immediately begins seeing his ghost. After looking into it more closely she discovers that cheating death comes with a price. Several other people who have gone through the ritual were cured but also lost someone close to them immediately after although they were not pursued by their spirits. She hears of one other case where his wife and child were haunting a man and she seeks him out. Together they try to find a way to release their loved ones spirits.

I had heard of this film some time ago and the concept interested me. The story is slow moving but very intriguing. There are some really creepy moments as the ghost seems to actually want her to die as well. He actually lures her into a crematorium at one point and she unwisely follows him straight into the oven where she narrowly escapes her demise. This is an English speaking Thai film, not dubbed, which I also found interesting. If you like these slow burners than this should appeal to your tastes.


JPX said...

This sounds like my kind of movie!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Yeah, I dig the idea. It could go in so many different directions.

Crystal Math said...

Gonna try to squeeze this one in this year; if not, I'll definitely watch it next year. I love life & death stuff.

Octopunk said...

Nice one. Jeez, what Thai tradition is the guy in the second picture enjoying? Count me out.

The Final Destination flicks and The Eye (the original) appeal to me because they treat the universe as cold, calculating and murderous. This sounds like it's got that same zing.