Monday, April 30, 2007

Legendary Hogzilla to be portrayed in horror flick

ALAPAHA, Ga (AP) — Hogzilla, a near-mythical monster hog that roamed south Georgia, is about to get a little bigger.

An independent filmmaker is producing a horror movie about the super swine calledThe Legend of Hogzilla, and has even enlisted the beast's killer on the set as an adviser.
"He's our hog expert," producer Rick Trimm said of guide Chris Griffin, who shot the huge porker in 2004 at a hunting preserve.

Photographs of the hog hanging from a backhoe were sent around the world, and the town of Alapaha 180 miles south of Atlanta quickly adopted Hogzilla as its own, even launching a parade in the pig's honor.

A National Geographic team confirmed the pig's existence in 2005 after exhuming the behemoth's remains. While the experts said the hog didn't exactly live up to the hype — local hunters said the pig was 12 feet long and weighed 1,000 pounds — they still discovered a mighty big hog. They estimated it weighed around 800 pounds and was probably about 8 feet long.

Lithium Productions says the production will need 200 locals for extras and is hosting tryouts next month.

"We don't need professional actors," Trimm said. "We need real people who are interested in the movie."

1 comment:

Octopunk said...

Man that is one dirty pig. One big, big, dirty pig.

Gaw, what the heck would it be like to see an 8-foot long pig walk around? What is that, like a small hippo? And that's just if it's ignoring you. Now imagine it's pissed.

Frightening as that is, I don't know about this movie. After all, it's just a damn pig.