Monday, April 30, 2007

The Simpsons Escape R Rating

From moviesonline, "Apparently, Bart Simpson will bare all in "The Simpsons” movie. It’s a bold move, and one the show would never get away with on television, so why not use the opportunity to get more daring than ever before. Bart’s always dropped his pants to bare his rear in answer to any number of situations, being the untamed skateboarding brat he is, and fans wouldn’t have him any other way. But now that he’s going to the big screen, he will have a full frontal nude scene in the beginning of "The Simpsons” movie.
"The Simpsons” was nearly slapped with a R-rating due to the Bart in the buff content. According to, this gives "The Simpsons” the unique distinction of being the first film, animated or live action, to escape the Restricted rating despite depiction of full frontal nudity. It’s a cartoon, and if anyone’s going to get away with going there and push that envelope as far as it will go just to try to prove that there’s no reason it can’t go there, it’s "The Simpsons.”

Rating this animated feature R would be a bit excessive in my opinion. Bart is America’s ultimate iconic bad boy, and I believe a "Simpsons” movie should take more risks and defy some of the limitations that broadcasting on television imposes on one of the boldest shows on TV, animated or not."The Simpsons,” and Bart’s full monty, hits theaters on July 27."


Octopunk said...

Is the Bart full frontal really anything anyone was waiting for? No, I didn't think so.

Now, do I list the cartoon characters I do want to see naked, or do I just drop the whole thing?

JohnnySweatpants said...

Sounds like a fun way to pass the time. Let's see...

Wonder Woman
Betty & Veronica
Josie and/or the Pussycats
She Hulk

JPX said...

Jessica Rabbit
Lois Griffin

DCD said...

Smurfette? Really?