Saturday, April 28, 2007

People magazine taken over by blind person

From WWTDD, "Drew Barrymore has been selected as the cover girl for People magazines Most Beautiful People issue, the annual collection of idiot hippie rambling and flattering photographs of old people and fat people who aren't attractive in any way. It's just crap like Drew Barrymore who is fat and has a terrifying profile, then some veterinarian and then Sophia Loren and then a cowboy and then Bill Clinton. To call it the Most Beautiful People is intellectually dishonest, at best. Keep in mind this monster was on it last year, and this and this monster made the cut this year. It should be called People magazines 100 Ways To Make Kids Cry. I'd rather look at People magazines 100 People Whose Chute Didn't Open."

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Octopunk said...

Remember that one year People magazine lost that class action suit and had to publish the 100 Ugliest People issue right after the 100 most beautiful?

That was a great time. I went out and bought both issues at the newstand, and it turned out that out of sheer laziness and bad editing they'd put 68 people on both lists.