Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Knifepoint: Review Coming Soon!


Or, perhaps, not at all. MrsStan and I are hopefully planning on a joint review of the horror film she did in L.A. a couple of years ago, but this will be based solely on her experience while shooting, and my opinions thereof, not on any ability to actually see it, as the film is still mired in distribution hell, having made a few festival rounds, etc.


Anyway, the real reason I'm posting, aside from the usual mea culpa about never posting, is that MrsStan makes her long-awaited return to primetime network TV tonight, reprising her role as snarky guidance counselor Mrs. Tompkins on ABC's The Middle (8:00pm EST, check local listings :)

You might also remember MrsStan from the short lived sitcom "I Can't Believe Those Two Guys Are Gay!"

Miss you all terribly, and I've totally been reading all the reviews. Winner so far: Kiss Meets The Phantom. Genius, you two! Genius, everyone!


Crystal Math said...

I came across the website for this and meant to ask about it but never did! Hopefully we'll all get a chance to watch and review it someday :-)

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Thanks for checking in Stan! I will definitely watch The Krista Show tonight. Her past appearances have all been hilarious.

So even Mrs. Handsome can't get a copy of Knifepoint? That's bullshit! We at Horrorthon demand to see this movie immediately.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Also you're now on the hook for a Knifepoint review. As Chief Wiggum said to Mayor Quimby - "don't write checks your butt can't cash".

JPX said...

Have you guys been able to see Knifepoint? Stan, give us some damn reviews!

HandsomeStan said...

You talk the talk, Sweatpants - do you walk the walk?

And yes, folks - I'll put something together based on Krista's recollections of script, plot & scenes. I'm also thinking maybe an audio file, maybe her dramatic retelling of what she remembers the story to be?

I know the high points were her being locked in a fridge and shooting the crap out of somebody (I think the maniac pictured there (and not within the fridge - the door opens at some point)), and also I think an anal rape with a knife dildo. She wasn't involved in that one, on either end, if I recall.

Huh huh. End.

DCD said...

Damn, I'm too late to tune in! Curse these children of mine and their all important bedtimes!

Happy to hear from you Stan, as always! Maybe I can catch the show on

AC said...

argh, i missed mrsstan tonight, hope the ep'll surface on demand.

good to hear from you handsomestan, and thanks for sharing the awesome picture of the left coasters, frigging adorable.

Catfreeek said...

I missed it too but just so all of you late comers know it should be available on demand in the next day or so.

Miss you Stan! Love to you both:)

Octopunk said...

Snag! Set the DVR! West Coast roooools!

It's always good to see you here, Stan. But I think it's your walk walking that's at stake.

Landshark said...

Great to see Stan around here. I was just thinking Where the Fuck is Stan? Also, where did 50p go? He was just here...