Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Madison County

(2011) ***

A by the book backwoods town slasher film, they use nearly every cliché associated with these type of films:

1. A Bunch of friends go poking their noses where they don’t belong.

2.    With arrogance they completely ignore warnings from locals telling them to turn back

3. They split up to look around.

4. Stab the bad guy once then walk away turning their back on him.

In other words, they get what they deserve. What this movie does have is Damien, a really cool looking slasher who wears overalls and a pig’s head, he won me over. It’s a fun film that I could just sit back and enjoy without having to think. No unraveling of heavy plots or questions about whodunit, just the right amount of murder and mayhem to make for a fun evening at home with the hubby.


DCD said...

I think your idea of a fun night home with the hubby might be different from most folks, Cat!

Octopunk said...

I don't know how much Julie digs boilerplate slashers, but I, for one, know just what you're talking about. I look forward to when we've compiled the category list of Slasher Knockoffs.

I note that neither Madman nor The Prey are on our Master List.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I hear ya too Catfreeek. You have to balance out intense and heavy handed movies that linger with stuff like this. It's really the only way to stay sane in October.

JPX said...

This actrually sounds fun although I don't believe that one couild realistically wear a pig's head - would it be heavy and smell really bad? Nice find.

Catfreeek said...

Aw come on DCD, we all know Desroc loves his horror and this one is perfect for any biddy as well.

Landshark said...

Hm, I'm pretty sure I reviewed Madman my first or second year. Yet another lost review from Landshark. I probably did some stupid purge on accident. I noticed that most of my old reviews are pictureless after I deleted the photos from my online Google Picture Library. Didn't realize that would affect my blogs!

Whirlygirl said...

JPX, I don't think a psycho cares about the weight or smell of a pigs head.

DCD said...

Haha, Whirly!