Sunday, October 07, 2012


 (2008) ***

Way back in 2008 under some unknown review someone, I believe it was JPX made mention of this film. I thought the name was so odd, just say it out loud it sounds like a comic book sound effect. I rushed over to my handy dandy Netflix queue but alas it was not available so there it sat in the saved portion of my queue for four lonely years. I was so happy to finally see that it made it to the actual queue this year. So, was it worth the wait...hmmm...well yes and no. The cinematography is great, the angled shots made we want to post a dozen stills just for the beauty of them. The villain was superb but she didn’t have enough screen time to really creep the audience out the way I know she could have. The victim, the little girl, was okay but as possession films go she was no Linda Blair. But I’m getting ahead of myself I haven’t told you what the film was about yet.

I curse you, I curse your mother and I took a shit in your pool! Ha!

Rajiv is working an excavation when he finds out his partners have screwed him. He makes a big scene at the party and Madhu, this crazy bitch goes all voodoo psycho on him.

Can you see it Doc? There is evil in there alright.

As revenge she puts a curse on his daughter Raksha who then becomes possessed. Rajiv’s Mother tries to tell them it is black magic but no one listens so Raksha is sent to a team of doctors where she is then subjected to a bunch of tests that find nothing physically wrong with her. The doctors blame it all on her Grandmother for filling her head with nonsense. Once Raksha is hospitalized and things are really looking grim, Rajiv finally gives in and goes to see this blind dude who literally sniffs out evil and eradicates it.

What does evil smell like?
Why it smells just like teen spirit don't ya know.

I don’t think I’ve ever watched a non-Bollywood Indian flick before, I kept expecting them to burst into song and start dancing. I gave this the extra ½ star because it was all very entertaining and beautiful. However, it just wasn’t scary. Still, I’m looking forward to Phoonk 2, which was mentioned in this post way back in the day. Unfortunately it’s sitting in my saved queue waiting for availability, maybe I’ll have it by 2016.

 Daddy I'm scared. 
Don't worry son, Spiderman will protect you.


DCD said...

I've been saying "phoonk" in my head for the past few minutes and giggling to myself. What a funny word.

Sounds like a pretty solid flick, Cat! Way to have patience!

AC said...

if anyone coulda won the phoonk 2 $10,000 challenge, it woulda been you, catfreeek!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Damn Cat, I've gotta commend the way you took note to watch this as well as your patience with Netflix. I have about 30 "saved" movies in my queue.

Octopunk said...

I think the only weirder sound than "phoonk" would be "phoonk two." I also would've liked a shot at that challenge. There's probably a spring-loaded cat in the movie that would make anyone's pulse jump.

Man, you know there would have to be a lot of evil in the house to hire that blind dude. Creeee-pee!

Mr. AC said...

If you don't want to wait 'till 2016:

JPX said...

Wow, I have no recollection of this film at all - funny review and I love the appearance of Gretchen. I'll leave it to you to take the $10,000 challenge.