Saturday, October 06, 2012

Trick Or Treat

(1986) ***
JSP pointed out this cinema gem to me when I took a personal day off work earlier this week -- I'd like to think that the stars aligned for me on this blessed day when I not only could see this film with guest appearances by Ozzy Osbourne BUT also by Gene Simmons, carrying the film here as "Nuke," the local DJ for a metal station.
Ozzy, Sammi, and Gene.
The film outlines the lengths to which die-hard rock & roll fans will go to satisfy the final wishes of their idols. Eddie Weinbauer -- whose name alone condones the bullying he undergoes at high school --  is a fan of fictional rock god Sammi Curr. When he finds out Sammi has died in a hotel fire he finds healing in an acetate record that "Nuke" bestows upon him; it is Sammi's final record and Eddie's for the keeping! Everything seems wonderful until Sammi starts communicating with Eddie from a hellish afterlife.
Satanic rituals never go out of style.
50P reviewed this back in tha oh-Six and it brings a splendid point of view with regards to Ice-T kicking Sammi's dead devil-worshiping nutsack in, but I'll have to respectfully disagree here because I think that the musicality and bad-assery of both soundtrack and costumes is fitting to the times. Culture Club bassist Mickey Craig once said that "fashion and music go in cycles," a keen observation that, in 2012, where there is such an abundance of information and music styles (all thanks to the abundance of people) we can appreciate the "camp" behind Sammi's style in Trick Or Treat.

A few caveats with this stem from Sammi's message to Eddie "You should be loyal to your hero," and Eddie's response -- to slack off in school. OK, ok, I know I'm a teacher and have a bias and everything, but when Ed's BFF Roger tells him he missed Trigonometry class I shed a single tear. In another scene, Roger informs him that Ed missed midterms and he acts as if it's nothing! I was throwing things at Johnny Sweatpants' tv set (but don't tell him that).
YOU try to find the tangent of ROCK, mofo!
Another issue I had with this movie was the theme of dead rock stars sending messages promoting violence and destruction from beyond the grave. It's really cool that the movie decided to explore it, but, I thought, is this the message other rock stars would want to send? After this, I thought, what the hell -- it's only a movie. Totally enjoyable. Check it out and bring your sense of humor. Your life just might depend on it.
"That's what I told Cher when I advised against wearing that for the Turn Back Time video."


Octopunk said...

In my first Horrorthon, the year before the blog, both JPX and JSP reviewed this movie and included lots of little "helpful" asides directed to me by name explaining who Ozzy Osbourne and KISS were. Jerks.

(Omigod this is my NINTH Horrorthon.)

Excellent review, Crystal, and cheers to the tear on your math-lovin' cheek. "Tangent of ROCK" is my current frontrunner for Best Caption.

AC said...

i suspect this review makes me want to see "trick or treat" more than i really should.

do those old reviews still exist in some format? they sound hilarious.

Octopunk said...

Yeah, we were sending emails to each other and I still have them all in a Yahoo folder. I put some of them up on the blog once and back dated them to when the emails were sent (the handful of 2004 reviews), but I lost momentum on that project.

Catfreeek said...

Yeah, tangent of rock is friggin great!

DCD said...

And the KISS/H-thon collaboration continues! Love the review, Crystal.