Thursday, October 04, 2012

Zombie Diaries 2

(2011) * 1/2

I'm just going to start this review by saying that I have never, NEVER had faith in sequels. I don't care if it's a bigger budget, if it barely mentions unpopular characters (like Jar-Jar Binks), or if it boasts effects and gore.
Yousa ready for my-sa review?
Every zombie or monster movie must begin with stupidity -- here, a family celebrates their daughter's birthday in a darkened room before both parents venture out in the dark because they heard something. The only reason fear ensues for the viewer is because we know death is inevitable. The screaming sends tingles down my spine, no matter how predictable it is.
This one's also got cool night-shots.
I was looking forward to the continued focus on human relationships in Zombie Diaries 2 -- which, with the exception of the opening scene, remains with the same group of military troops as they trek across the UK for a rescue boat.
Gawna 'afta go fru dis lot, too.
ZD2 started out alright, I didn't feel much connection to the characters nor were they built up in any meaningful way (and should they, really, in a zombie movie?); however, past the halfway point I encountered the same nauseating scenario from the first installment: zombie rape.
OK I admit this a really awkward picture, but it illustrates my point!
Is it legitimate? Is it rape? Is this a spoiler? You can discuss it all you want -- but at its basest, it's a sub-plot tactic that twisted and perverted this movie that otherwise would have been fine. I can understand from a filmmaker's perspective that you want to provide some evidence of human vs. human struggle when all has gone to hell, but a) why does it have to be rape? and b) why do women have to be exploited? 

I think in my review of the first Zombie Diaries I briefly mentioned mandatory human procreating to restore the population; I think the least that progressive zombie movies can do is honor that in a way that preserves dignity. Why hurt women when they're the last hope for humanity? Or, if you don't care much for humanity, why are you wasting your time being one? Go be one of them!
Oh yeah and there's also this one's motive to figure out...


50PageMcGee said...

controversy is so much easier to stomach in a movie that takes the time to be well crafted. it's gratuitous mostly in films that don't deserve to be considered social commentary.

i'm lookin' at you Zombie Strippers.

Octopunk said...

I'm looking at you, Basic Instinct.

I'm assuming it's live people raping zombies, right (aka the whole plot of Deadgirl)? That doesn't sound safe.

Catfreeek said...

I wouldn't think it was very safe but it made me think. Could a zombie get pregnant? If it did would the baby be normal or zombie? If it was normal would the zombie eat it? This could be zombie self preservation in a gruesome way.

DCD said...

Wow - those are some interesting questions, Cat. Think I'll skip the Zombie Diaries...

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I heard you can get gonorrhea by raping zombies.

Cat, remember the nasty zombie birth in Dawn of the Dead '04?

AC said...

another one to skip, thanks for the warning.