Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cat's Wrap Up

 I really went for quality instead of quantity this year but with so many good flicks out there and my chronic insomnia keeping me up we all see how that turned out, I got both. Still, I have to say this was my best year so far, I didn’t find that one film that stirred my emotion to the core (Martyrs, Antichrist) but I did unearth some really great films and also revisited some old favorites. After the endless screaming in Rubber’s Lover and my total disgust with Slaughtered Vomit Dolls I made the decision to not watch any more of those depraved torture films. In fact, I had two of them in house and I sent them packing back to Netflix unwatched, best decision I could have made. I then set out to find those hidden gems we all love and I did pretty well too which makes doing a wrap up all that much harder. Well anyway I guess I should get on with it, thanks Horrorthon for another year of great fun and bloodshed, here are my picks.

Best Overall Film:

The Last Circus

 Biggest Bloodbath & Best So Bad It’s Good:


 Most Disturbing:

Baby Blues

 Most Obscure:


 Most Unintentionally Funny:

Blue Sunshine

 Worst Film Ever Made:

Slaughtered Vomit Dolls



 Scream Queen:

Doris Day (Midnight Lace)

Hottest Hottie:

Daniel Berhardt (Creature)

 Well before he turned into this anyway.

 Most Memorable Death:

Rabies, when the pervy bad cop is laboring through his death he answers his cell phone only to be yelled at and put down by his father adding the final insult to injury and making that pipe in the ass so much sweeter.

Most Avoidable Death:

Cyrus, when the reporter is shown a box of ID’s from all the missing students at the beginning of the film she should have just gotten the fuck out, but noooooo. Worse is the cameraman who points out the danger and how uncomfortable he is but decides to stick with her anyway.

Most Maddening Residual Effect:

Eyes Without a Face, Although it was created many, many years later so is never heard in the film at all, this damn Billy Idol song has been stuck in my head since I watched it. Now it can be stuck in yours too Bwahahahaha!


JPX said...

Cat, kudos for being the first to finish all of your reviews but also for getting your wrap-up out in a timely manner! You indeed had an excellent Horrorthon and I’ve already heeded some of your suggestions. You have an uncanny ability to discover films that the rest of the universe never knew existed. I still have a bunch of reviews to complete and I’m feeling the pressure now that you’re all done. Another great year, Catfreeek!

Love the first picture, by the way.

Octopunk said...

Love that first picture too, but goddammit if that song didn't get in my head even though I didn't touch your damn link. Dammit!

Really quality work this year, Cat. Your findings have been up to your usual mindboggling standards and your reviews have been a pleasure to read. Congrats!

I have way more reviews to write than I want but I'm still hoping to make the deadline without the last minute review dump like last year. We'll see.

Landshark said...

Great recap, Cat. Loved reading your reviews this year--I could kind of tell you were picking your movies with a bit more quality in mind this time around.

Still, I'm going to have to drop some Slaughtered Vomit Dolls knowledge on my horror loving students, just for street cred. I could tell a few of them saw me in a new light after I told them I'd watched Human Centipede.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

For the record I like that Billy Idol song and Billy Idol in general. Great recap! I'm still working on your recommendations from the past few years and because you found so many new ones this year I feel like I'll never catch up!

Landshark - that's awesome.

AC said...

as always, catfreeek, you have been an inspiration!!!

JPX said... no human grace...

Damnit, every time I scroll by this review I get that damn song in my head!

Catfreeek said...

Yes! My evil plan is working:)

Abduscias said...

Oooh! Damn that song! Love the kitty picture!!!

Crystal Math said...

I loved that song but never knew it was Billy Idol! Billlllllyyyyyy!

Great wrap up and I'm going to use your categories for my own wrap up, when I actually get around to wrapping up all these reviews!