Tuesday, November 06, 2012


(2011) **1/2

I should have known this movie would be lame just from the title, they couldn’t come up with anything more inventive then Elevator? I know Hellevator was taken but Jeez! So a bunch of rich assholes on their way to a corporate party are stuck in an elevator and one of the passengers, an old lady, has a heart attack. With her dying breath she tells them she has a bomb strapped to her.  Once they confirm it they must somehow figure a way out.

What I liked about the film:
1. All their cell phones work, that rarely happens in a horror and I was fully expecting the no signal excuse.
2. The dude who announces he has mild claustrophobia as he enters the elevator turns out to be the most level headed of the bunch, a twist I surely did not expect.
3. The obnoxious little brat in the elevator remains silent most of the time, although the whole reason they are stuck in the first place is all her fault.

What I didn’t like:
1. Most of the cast.
2. The casualness in which they handle their situation (when they find out they have only ten minutes to get out they still take time to argue and deliberate).
3. The sheer fact that the film invoked zero emotion from neither Tony nor I.

In short, it’s pretty boring for a film that, considering the situation, should be tense. Now that I think of it, Elevator is the perfect title, it’s accurate and boring just like this film.


Octopunk said...

What a hit for the team! I want to watch it with a bunch of people, and we all stare straight ahead and don't say anything.

DCD said...

Was there any boring elevator muzak to add to the non-thrills?

Catfreeek said...

Nah, that might have made it interesting.