Sunday, November 04, 2012

Friday the 13th , Part II

 (1981) ***1/2

I happened upon a Friday the 13th marathon on AMC just before Halloween and caught this movie, which I hadn't seen in ages.  Number two is a hoot!  I'm not going to get into much plot detail as you can check the Monster List for JSP and Octo's reviews.

So here are a couple of my overall thoughts...  after the first one can you really believe there is another camp within walking distance of Camp Crystal Lake??  I mean seriously, what kind of parent would send their kid there??

The ambiguous ending kind of annoyed me. He grabs her through the window, Paul and the dog are there and then....she's being loaded into an ambulance.  Maybe she still had the scent of dead Mama sweater and that confused Jason?  I don't know.

I know I will invoke the rage of JPX here - but I gotta say, I like the pillowcase!  (Sorry, dude.)
This guy would scare me

Anyway - I enjoyed the flick in the way that an early 80's slasher can make you feel warm and fuzzy.  What I didn't enjoy was the fact that Kevin Smith seems to be the "It-guy" for AMC right now and man, is he freaking annoying and kind of douchey!  Like we really want to hear his opinions on everything.  He is on a couple of their shows apparently and also only wears ONE SHIRT on every single thing he appears in.


Other then that, the movie was great.


Catfreeek said...

I'm a fan of the sack head too, it's creepy.

Abduscias said...

I agree! Kevin Smiths introductions between the series were very annoying! But, I would think Mr. One eyed pillowcase would have really bad aim! Lol

JPX said...

Oddly enough JSP and I were just discussing Kevin Smith's dickary yesterday. He has a handful of fun films but I think it's all over for him and I think he's bitter about it. Also, when did he get so large?

Having said that, DCD, you are wrong, wrong, wrong! Friday the 13th is all about the hockey mask! How would the eyeholes stay in place on a pillow case. All you would have to do to disorient Jason would be to tug on it.

Hockey mask!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

"I enjoyed the flick in the way that an early 80's slasher can make you feel warm and fuzzy." Well put! Friday the 13th Parts 2-6 all give me that warm and fuzzy feeling and I'm a supporter of the pillow case.

I can't stop listening to Kevin Smith's podcast Jay and Silent Bob Get Old. He is SOOOOOOOOO freakin' obnoxious and full of himself, it's infuriating. Also whenever he talks about sex with his wife I get nauseous. He likes to talk about "eating ass".


Octopunk said...

Yay! Jason's first romp! There is something charming about that pillowcase but it's also pretty pathetic. Great rundown, DCD.

I saw Kevin Smith speak after a screening of Red State a while back (which I should have written about, I know) and he was pretty hilarious. He worked the crowd great, but boy did he go on and on. It was a Q&A session and only 2 questions were asked (one by me!) and he spoke for as long as the movie had run. The woman running the event was over on the side uselessly trying to get him to wrap it up. I thought he had a lot of great stuff to say and he made a movie specifically to poke fun at the Westboro Baptist Church, so you gotta love that.

50PageMcGee said...

i've got mixed feelings on kevin smith -- i haven't seen everything he's done (most notably, i missed jersey girl, which apparently was really bad). but i've at least liked everything i've seen, if not downright adored.

he's definitely a blowhard, and his best days may be behind him, but at least he's got best days to point to.

also, as a lifelong gigantic hockey fan, his stupid jersey completely gets on my nerves. the fact that he wears it to every single thing he does would seem to indicate that, while he's (obviously?) a fan of the sport, he's far more preoccupied on a meta level with his own love of the sport.

i suppose you could say that about really anything he's into.

but for shit's sake, man - we *get* it. you like hockey. now buy some other shirts.