Monday, November 05, 2012


(2010) **1/2

An Australian couple is dropped off on a remote uninhabited island along the Great Barrier Reef for a ten-day sabbatical. Unfortunately, they pick the wrong island; a man hating female specter haunts this one. Not long after their ride has taken the high road informing them that should they want to leave early he is a mere five hours away and they can just call, they find strange footprints in the sand that lead into the trees then just disappear. In the morning, they discover their things have been touched including their video camera which now has footage of them sleeping in their tent, creepy, time to call the guy right? Nope, well she wants to call the guy but he is convinced it’s some kids on the island fooling around. Apparently he doesn’t understand what uninhabited means. The following day some diabolically laughing foreign fishermen show up and set up camp nearby, more weird stuff happens and they decide it’s time to call the guy but lo and behold now their phone has gone missing. They blame it on the fisherman and go to confront them; they piss off the men and wind up in even more trouble. Now without giving away the details, the whole mess does wind down to a big supernatural conclusion and everything is explained, I just didn’t care for the explanation all that much. I found Uninhabited to be pretty uninteresting and the characters are not all that likeable so I didn’t really care if they made it or not. Tony just hated them and wanted them to die.


JPX said...

We rated this exactly the same! You seem to have the same problems with it that I had. Beautiful cinematography but clunky execution.

Octopunk said...

That last line makes me think every review should have a Tony rating.

Nice dig on the meaning of uninhabited. If I watched that I'd want to strangle that guy.

Landshark said...

Strikes me as a horrible title for a movie, too. I think I scrolled past this review like 5 times, and the title was just too bland to get me to pause. Hilarious review though. Definitely start adding "Tony's 2 cents" at the end of all your reviews!