Thursday, November 01, 2012

Trip with the Teacher

(1975) **

When I reviewed Blue Sunshine I stated that I didn’t know Zalman King was also an actor and here he is popping up in a second film for me this Horrorthon. His character is pretty much the same in both films even though he is the hero in BS and the heel in this film. His awkward outbursts and erratic behavior actually work better in this film, I started to wonder if his character had a brain tumor that was causing him to do all the evil things.  Every time he flipped out he would begin to hold his head and hum a strange tune as he stared off into space. But I’m getting way ahead of myself.

This is the story of a teacher, her four hot teenage students and their semi-retarded bus driver going on a trip to the Grand Canyon. The girls begin flirting through the bus windows with three motorcyclists on the road. The bikers follow them into a gas station and after chatting up the girls decide they should follow them to get a little piece of the action. The bus breaks down and they flag down the bikers for help but only one of the men is interested in helping while the other two are just looking for a piece of ass and will go to any length to get it. They wind up hooking the bus up to tow ropes while the bikes pull them to what is supposed to be a place to get help. Instead they tow them to a remote deserted cabin where the bus driver is killed and teacher and one of her students are raped. The two bad bikers tie up the good one and decide that everyone will have to die once they have had their fill of sex because they can’t have them telling anyone about the bus driver. The girls and the one good guy must devise a plan to escape.

 Look Mister how many times do I have to tell you, no matter how hard you squeeze it's not going to squeak!

This is pure grindhouse just not at its best or worst for that matter. There are plenty of boobies and girls running around in skimpy outfits if that are what floats your boat. The entire film completely rides on the crazy behavior of Zalman King’s character and everyone else seems secondary. Take it or leave it, as tormenting films go this is no Race with the Devil that’s for sure.


Octopunk said...

"There are plenty of boobies and girls running around in skimpy outfits if that are what floats your boat."

That are what floats my boat! Okay I don't usually mock grammar whoopsies but I think I actually may need to start saying that.

Weird thing about grindhouse flicks is that they can show you so plenty of boobies that you get tired of it.

Catfreeek said...

Zalman King's weirdness trumps any boobie shots bar far.