Monday, November 12, 2012

Hell's Ground

 (2007) ***1/2

This is my first Pakistani zombie flick and it was really fun. A group of teenagers skip school to go to a concert. They are getting stoned and having a grand old time until they are forced to detour and wind up in a very strange part of the countryside. While taking a leak, one of the guys is bit by what he believes was a crazed local trying to steal his pot. They shake it off but as they continue to travel he starts to become sick. Now from here things start getting a little crazy.

 I'll trade ya a lower jaw for some of those intestines.
They wind up with this freak in their van at one point and he tells them some crazy story then pulls a human head out of a bag. They immediately throw him out of the van but wind up stuck in the mud and surrounded by zombies, well there was at least one zombie anyway. They panic and when the van finally makes it out of the mud they peal out and accidentally hit the crazy guy from the van.

 C'mon give me a ride, I'm harmless cause I look like Jesus.

They drive off but end up running out of gas so the driver ventures off to find a gas station. Now as if the flesh-eating zombies shuffling about weren’t trouble enough for them, the driver on his quest wanders into the lair of a mace wielding, burqa wearing psycho slasher. These kids are screwed!

 When you said you were a swinger I thought you meant something else.

 I'm too sexy for my burqa.

Dr. Phil says stabbing is the best way to relieve tension.
 One strange thing about the film, they keep switching from speaking Urdu to English and back again. When they are speaking English the subtitles go away, but sometimes this change occurs mid sentence so my brain didn’t have time to adjust and would miss what was being said. Still, it’s a fun and different take on a zombie film and they included a dwarf zombie! Isn’t he cute.

 Look how happy he is munching away on fresh guts. Doesn't it make you want one of your very own.


Crystal Math said...

It's interesting that they combine many different subgenres of horror, like freak hitchhiker on the side of the road, or freak dwelling in a gas station.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

The poor little fella never stood a chance.. and he makes for a disgusting zombie.

Pakistan? I'm wondering how many other countries out there have zombie movies I've never heard of.

Catfreeek said...

Pakistan has another one, an all dwarf film called Ankle Biters, Tony discovered these.

Octopunk said...

" all dwarf film..."

Octopunk said...

Okay I'm back. I had to let that hang there for a bit.

This sounds wackadooo! The mish-mash of genres is s riot. We should definitely keep exploring this. Nice one, Tony!