Friday, November 02, 2012


 (2011) ***

As Legend has it, Grimley Boutine, this massive hulk of a man from the back swamps of Louisiana was just minding his business keeping house with Caroline his young soon to be pregnant bride to be who just happened to be his sister. Don’t be so quick to judge, you see the Boutine lineage was waning away so it was their civil duty to do whatever it took to keep it going. But tragedy struck the night before their wedding; a notorious giant white gator snatched Caroline. Grimley chased that gator back to its lair and killed it, ripping its jaw apart like Samson and the lion. Alas, Grimley was too late and his beloved sister bride was already dead so in grief he does what any other back swamp bumpkin with any kind of heart would do, he consumes her remains. As a matter of fact he spends the entire night eating all the human remains in that lair. As he eats and eats his body begins to change and he is transformed into this hulking gator-creature that looks kinda like a sleestak on steroids and the legend of Lockjaw is born.

Years later a group of friends decide that the swamps of Louisiana is the ideal place for a quick getaway on the way to New Orleans. They picked the wrong town to stop in, you see the townspeople have a deal with Lockjaw, they give him fresh meat and a young girl to have his way with and he protects them from harm.

I know; its yet another film about a remote town full of inbreeds. But the difference here is the creature; he takes it up a notch from your average backwoods inbred flick. The town weirdoes are led by Sid Haig who is even creepier than usual as he smiles in the faces of the people he abducts and assures them it is an honor to be sacrificed and its all for the greater good you know. Sure this film is cheesy and the monster is kinda comical, but its fun and entertaining and at the end of the day isn’t that what it’s all about, just being entertained.


Octopunk said...

I want to mock the guy for going "Well, I guess I'll just eat all these dead people" but goddamned if that isn't one of the best monster origin stories I ever heard.

Landshark said...

Agreed with Octo--kickass origin story!

DCD said...

Yeah - that is awesome. Sounds pretty fun!