Saturday, November 03, 2012

Lovely Molly


Molly, formerly addicted to heroin, newly married to Matt.  The happy couple decides to settle down in the same idyllic little home where (overt innuendo insinuates) Molly's dad used to ride her like a horse.  All is well until the the ghost of Molly's molesting father drives her to use drugs again, stalk the neighbors, and go freaking nuts. 

This was directed by Eduardo Jimenez, who is really tring to overstay his 15 minutes of fame from having directed Blair Witch Project.  In what is otherwise a pretty poor movie with too much heavy-handed rape/molestation imagery, Molly documents a lot of what is going on with her video camera.  The result is that in this 90 minute movie, about 1/3 is found footage, the rest normal.  Making this a hybrid found-footage flick is novel, and I'll give Jimenez credit for that.  And the actress playing Molly is very believable and scary in her descent into craziness.  Otherwise, the disturbed abuse victim thing - it's just too real in this movie.  More like an intense lifetime flick than horror. 


Catfreeek said...

I sent several of these types of films back unwatched this year. The torture, rape & depravity wore me out last year so I took a much needed break.

Also, who in the world would voluntarily move back into a house that harbors such awful memories!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Funny how the guy who first struck footage gold is being brushed aside by all of the up-and-comers.

I just looked at Eduardo Sanchez's filmography and I haven't seen a single one of his other movies.

Octopunk said...

Your really can't handle rape/molestation imagery with anything less than extreme care, or else it's just gross.

And I second Cat's protest.

DCD said...

Nein danke.

JPX said...

"the disturbed abuse victim thing - it's just too real in this movie." Yeah, that's enough for me to skip this one. The Blair Witch guys never captured lightening in a bottle again.