Thursday, April 23, 2009

And the ruby slippers go to...

But first, the honorable mentions:


Glinda rode bubble
she was fuzzy and glowing
she had some good drugs

Gave me a good laugh the first time I checked for new 'ku. Yes, she sure did, and I bet she kept them in her hat.


"There's no place like home"
That's what the film likes to say
But what if home sucks?

Prying the lid off the movie's catchphrase is just what I was looking for, and I've read a lot of funny stuff about how ludicrous this movie's message is if you think about it. Robot Chicken had a sketch in which the whole movie was broken down into three short lines:

Dorothy (on farm): I want to leave home!
Dorothy (in Oz): I want to go home!
Dorothy (in bed): I was home all along!


who saw this coming?
topic triggered compulsive
urge to watch "the wiz"

The combined might of Mr. and Mrs. AC turned out a number of good ones, but this bit of business tickled me the most. That's because I always love it when the blog inspires people to watch weird movies they're meant to hate.


Witch knows where it's at,
Gets 'em high on poppies, then
Glinda adds the "snow".

Can it be that I never thought of that as a coke reference? Anyway, that cracked me up.

And now the winner!

From Johnny Sweatpants:

Welcome to our world!
By the way, you killed someone
But it's just a witch

Ha! In a way the last line is more of a denouement, the real action being the interplay between the first two. Exactly the sort of twisty work I was looking for. Congratulations, Mr. Haikupants! Hump Day is yours!


Octopunk said...

Sorry it took me all day to get these up, folks! I'm a busy man.

And I guess I'm not the only one, noticing the high number of holdouts we had this week. HandsomeStan, Landshark, Nowandzen, Chris, Desroc2, Miko -- you were all roundly missed.

I will admit I was really hoping for one about those mean talking trees.

JPX said...

Yeah I've noticed that less are contributing to haiku hump day (cough, cough, Miko), perhaps we should do it every other week, or monthly?

Catfreeek said...

Congrats JSP you are surely on a roll lately.

AC said...

nice work again johnny sweatpants!

Dana's Brain said...

Excellent JSP! That one cracked me up as well.

I know I haven't been contributing as much, but I do look forward to HHD. I definitely think we should keep it up if the interest is there!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I'm sure Handsome Stan has a damn fine excuse but frankly I'm glad he didn't participate... because I won!

Chris said...

I just now got to read all the Haiku(s?). Great work by everyone. I wanted to participate but had no window of opportunity; work is such GD inconvenience sometimes :).

A hearty congrats to Johnny and, I must say, stellar output by Catfreeek as well .

AC said...

octo, i thank you for the honorable mention.

should i post my review of the wiz, or suffer in silence?

nowandzen said...

Thanks Octo. I keep missing out as I'm at a new job and it owns me for 12 hours on Wednesdays until I get out and run to my kids baseball games and promptly go home and fall in bed. I really missed this one as I had all kind of imagery to play with in this childhood canon. Oh well... Nice work by everyone though and grats to JSP.

Catfreeek said...

Thanks for the shout out Chris.

AC~post the review, inquiry minds want to know ;)