Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Star Trek IMAX tickets!

I've got two tickets for Star Trek The IMAX Experience, in Manhattan, at the Upper West Side IMAX, 7:45 on May 12th.

I've got to unload these tickets.

Can any New York-based 'thonners help me out? If not you, maybe someone you know? It's the Tuesday after the movie's opening weekend.



JPX said...

I believe that Handsomestan is the only other New York Horrorthonne, come on Stan, Star Trek IMAX!!! I'm so damn jealous.

Heather Marie said...

Hi I was just wondering how much tickets are running at IMAX, we only have one and they are closed the next few days, we want to see it on the IMAX, but are ot going to wait if we can't even afford the ticket..:-)

Thanks a bunch