Thursday, April 16, 2009

Haiku Hump Day Results (I used Science to pick a winner...)

GENIUSES, one and all! I can scarcely quantify the sheer brilliance possessed by all of today's participants. I almost launched this one a few weeks ago, but was waylaid by the equally promising potential of "the Future." I knew when I thought of it that I was going to get around to it later, sure as I was that you were all going to embrace it and put up some excellent stuff. I was right, as usual.

Handsome Stan ran up the scoreboard early. I find the youthful, almost bratty insistence in this first one completely endearing...

Where's my flying car?
Enough curing diseases!
Make my car fly! Now!

But his robotic uppercut came later...

Cherry blossoms fall
Fragile life just like - oh, wait -
Here comes the Roomba

Two thought provoking entries by Pants and AC...

People say science
Cannot explain everything
One day it just might

hypotheses are
like tinted glasses: often
filtering the truth

Chris's best was probably the one about getting dead-cat shit on his lab partner, but I give the nod to his plaint to Beaker, mostly because of the word "'meep meep'ing"

Shock of bright red hair.
Constant, fearful "meep meep"ing.
C'mon Beaker, smile!

Julie laments the tragic limitations of science...

Poor Steven Hawking.
Science only helps that guy
Talk like a robot.

But it's her evil genius husband who takes home the crown today. I'd been anxiously waiting to see what he was going to come up with. But I had to wait almost the entire day for satisfaction. I called him at 11 pm and reminded him he only had an hour. He informed me he was on it. And on it, he was. He completely, totally nailed the nutty science-as-magic vibe I was going for when I first came up with the topic. Truthfully, I expected no less, this from a man who went as a Mad Scientist for Halloween three years ago.

Evil knowledge? Bah!
Just think of what we could LEARN
From napalm monkeys.

Here's my pride and joy
My mad toxic octo-bat
Right here in this... hmmm

What with your Ororoscope, shouldn't you have said "hmmm" ten seconds ago? Bonus points for your nod to Neil Gaiman's "probably rays," line.

Congratulations, to OCTOPUNK: this week's Haiku Hump Champ.

Now all of you take off your mad-goggles and heavy duty rubber gloves and pat yourselves on the back for another great day of haiku.


Catfreeek said...

Congrats Octo! Can't wait to see what you come up with for a topic next week.

JPX said...

Octo should win for that mad scientist costume alone!

Chris said...

Stellar work, Octo!

AC said...

yay octo! and great to see julie on the blog again.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Well played old chap. Fiendishly clever!

HandsomeStan said...

I fell asleep before Octo had even donned his goggles. Congratulations, sir! I can almost hear the Mad Scientist Laughter from here...

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I loved this one of Octo's too, capturing the moment Igor was hired as the mad scientist's helper:

So, you want the job?
Let's spit in God's eye right now!
You can throw the switch

Octopunk said...

Thanks everybody! It was a fun topic. Next week's topic will be country music!

(Not really.)

AC said...

as long as it's not KISS

nowandzen said...

Sorry octo for the late nod but yes you totally deserve it as I loved your entries and esp. your winning haiku!