Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Haiku Hump Day: Summer!

Yes, that time of year is upon us once again. I’m talking about that wonderful happy-go-lucky time of year where magic is in the air and adventure is around every corner. Where the horrors of winter are a laughably distant memory and the children urinate freely in the pools.

Handsome Stan kicking back in the American River.

My summer goal this year is to hike Half Dome.

To me summer means beaches, outdoor concerts, vacations, bikinis, barbecues, baseball, cartwheels, rafting, hiking, margaritas, piggybacks, fireworks, romance, strawberries, picnics and camping. This topic doesn’t require a long write up. I mean, you get it, right?

On your mark. Get set. Wait for it….



Johnny Sweatpants said...

What's that lovely tune?
Ah yes, Mr. Ice Cream Truck
Out of my way kid!

Octopunk said...

LA summertime
Feels like the apocalypse
Until about 6

JPX said...

Know what makes me sad?
Seeing a "Back to School" sign
Why not just punch me?

The Cure captured it,
"But the last day of summer
Never felt so cold"

There's always that day
When the sunlight just seems 'off'
Yep, summer is gone

Best day of the year?
"No more teachers no more books"
The last day of school

Octopunk said...

Summer memories
JPX swims in our pool
Tiny bathing suit

No, seriously
Euro-style bikini brief

JPX said...

Running through hot sand
Jumping into the ocean
Now that's just sweet bliss

Combing the sand dunes
Patiently looking for them
Topless sunbathers

HandsomeStan said...

Rocky Point boat trip
Awesome piled on awesome
Just unbeatable

Might have been same day
Watched fireworks from same boat
I miss that damn boat

Friend's mom sold the boat
To pay for a new kitchen
I died on that day

Octopunk said...

Firework explodes late
Comes back down, blows over lake
Huge pink reflection

Julie said...

Poverty summer.
Furlough days begin next week.
Hope we can still eat.

The beach is still free,
If you want to risk illness
From germy runoff.

Hotter than Hades,
Full of poisonous spiders,
The Valley traps us.

Too poor to escape,
We may have to skip the Cape.
I despise my life.

JPX said...

But you're in L.A.
Movie stars and Disneyland
It can't be that bad!

AC said...

beach days in childhood
up early to "beat traffic"
i call that bullshit

JPX said...

Barrington Beach fright
Traumatic swimming lessons
Lots of jellyfish

My weird phobia
Standing while I'm in the sea
Too many crab bites

I hold the record
Most somersaults in Cross pool
My only success

Julie said...

Summer busiest
Time for my job, but can't work.
Stupid budget cuts.

Won award at work
Can't go to ceremony
Can't afford to go.

Prize was do more work
Presentation plus pay gas.
Nein danke, losers.

How I hate my job.
Nothing will be good until
I can leave this place.

HandsomeStan said...

Julie needs a drink
While floating around a pool
I'll have one for you

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Well that just tears it
Thought this topic would be fun
Now I’m just depressed

JPX said...

Went to Block Island
Spent the day in the ocean
We floated like corks

I love the Drive-In
Watch movies with privacy
Yes I watch the film!

Poison ivy sucks
Dad, "leaves of three, leave them be"
I didn't listen

HandsomeStan said...

Rocky Point - closed down
Westport Waterslide - vanished
Summer fun - now lost

Dr. Julie Doom
Summer of our discontent
(wailing, gnashing teeth)

Julie said...

Chicago winters
And Valley Village summers
the same: stay inside.

Julie said...

You could die walking
To the post office or bank.
You must only drive.

Power out one week
Jeff slept out on the front porch
No breeze, stifling hot.

Somehow we rallied
And made Zack one evening
That's what I call hot.

Julie said...

Summer we huddle
Round the air conditioner
Outdoors post sundown.

Summer transforms us
Into vampires; the sun burns.
We must avoid it.

Movie watchin' days.
That's what I call summertime.
Cold, cold theaters.

Catfreeek said...

I got the best job
still get my summer vaca
I feel like a kid

best part of it is
my kids work all summer long
I've become the kid

What I did today
Ate cakes & chowder, beach walked
and slept in, jealous?

What I'll do Thursday
whatever I damn well please
yawn, I love my life

Catfreeek said...

Summer memories
family trips in a hot car
we were the Griswolds

HandsomeStan said...

Bike to the Y pool
Munching down Twookies all day
Five cents is your change

Grade school crush was there
Couldn't talk to her at all
Hid under towel

HandsomeStan said...

The Sweatpants Estate
Badminton, croquet, canoe
Should've charged for it

Octopunk said...

Brickyard Pond campout
Makeshift tents on the island
Back home for cheez whiz

Julie said...

I'm going to try
To have some fun this summer.
The Getty is free.

AC said...

summer's concert time
i don't do swell vacations
blow my cash on shows

summer reunions
the generations collide
campfires and sunburns

i don't like the heat
hope radical climate change
holds off til i'm dead

AC said...

i so envy cat
the concept of "summers off"
i need career change

AC said...

ymca camp
year 1, the scary stories
sent me home in tears

ymca camp
year 2, swimming in the rain
parents made me stay

Y sleepaway camp
learned to sail, since forgotten
sunburn of lifetime

then came alton jones
year 1, vegetarian
that'll teach the 'rents

good ol' alton jones
year 2, my very first kiss
there was no year 3

JPX said...

Brickyard Pond camping
Octo slept outside the 'tent'
Woke covered in dew

Summer seems endless
But when you reach adulthood
Goes by in a snap

JPX said...

I hate when people
Play football near my blanket
"Bud, a little help?"

Ball or Frisbee will hit me
I just can't relax

Catfreeek said...

Maybe tomorrow
I'll go out for breakfast then
read under shade tree

Nothing much to do
By August I may be bored
yeah, I don't think so

I'm right with AC
summer concerts are the best
love those outdoor shows

DCD said...

Hours in the pool.
The blissful days of summer
at 10 Plymouth Drive.

I long for those days.
When summer-time meant freedom,
and not endless work.

Summer for desrocs
equals crazy work hours,
little time for fun.

That and worrying
about childcare. Dad was
right, "Be a teahcer!"

DCD said...

All that being said,
summer is my favorite
season of all time.

I prefer the heat.
'Cause jumping in the ocean
will never get old.

DCD said...

Summers on the Block.
Those memories rule! From what
I can remember.

Wake up hungover,
work for eight hours, then crash
on the nearest beach.

Made lots of money.
Then blew it all on liquor.
Best summers evah!

Best reason of all:
That's where desroc and I met.
Say it with me, Awwwwwwwwww.

HandsomeStan said...

Boogie board First Beach
You do not scare me, Red Tide
Fun shower later

Come to Scah-borough
Rhode Island's doofus magnet
Dumbasses crowd in

Horseneck & 'Gansett
Slightly more elite beaches
Less Irocs in lot

50PageMcGee said...

LA summertime
That's when all the fires happen
Brilliant pink sunsets

Shitty I-10 jam
Oh, sweet delicious AC
Always there for me

(Wait. You understand,
I meant air conditioning
Not Powerpuff chick)

Odwalla summer
Strawberry Lemonade time
Best part about June