Sunday, June 27, 2010

Star Trek Shirtless Kirk Cologne

From slashfilm, Last year, Genki Wear released two Star Trek branded cologne fragrances for men:
“Red Shirt” (the tagline on the box reads “Because tomorrow may never come”)
and… “Tiberius” (in reference to James T. Kirk’s middle name, tagline reads “Boldly Go”).
Last month it was announced that Genki would be adding a third fragrance to their Star Trek line: “Shirtless Kirk”. I kid you not.


50PageMcGee said...

i'm just going to ask the question on everyone's mind now: is there a shirtless uhura perfume for women?

Jordan said...

But Uhura never had her shirt ripped off "in the line of duty" the way it happened to Kirk all the time.