Monday, June 28, 2010

'Toy Story' wins at the box office, while 'Grown Ups' scores and 'Knight & Day' lags behind

From ew, Toy Story 3 has dominated the box office for a second straight weekend, but Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups did some serious business, too. Knight & Day, meanwhile, did little to restore Tom Cruise as a summer box office draw. And the three films combined didn’t do enough to combat last year at this time, when Transformers 2 bowed to $109 million.

Toy Story dropped 46 percent, for a second-week take of $59 million. The film’s 10-day cume now stands at $226.5 million, making it the quickest Pixar movie to cross $200 million. The movie is likely to topple Pixar’s highest grossing flick, Finding Nemo, which topped out at $340 million back in 2003. Grown Ups did respectable business on its own. The broad Adam Sandler comedy bowed to $41 million but earned a B from audiences, according to CinemaScore. The film marks Sandler’s third-highest opening ever.

Knight & Day grossed $20.5 million for the three-day frame. The PG-13 rated film’s total gross now stands at $28 million (it opened on Wednesday) — not an auspicious beginning to a movie that cost more than $150 million. Audiences liked the film more than Grown Ups, according to CinemaScore, which gave the movie a B+. But whether or not it will continue to play in the marketplace remains a question. The Karate Kid continues to draw audiences. In its third weekend in release, the film earned another $15 million, a 48 percent drop, pushing its total gross to $135.6 million. The A-Team isn’t holding up as well in theaters. Earning $6 million its third weekend, the PG-13 rated actioner lost another 58 percent, for a total gross of $63 million.

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