Monday, June 28, 2010

Megan Fox is married

From thesuperficial,Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green were reportedly married “late last week” at the Four Seasons in Hawaii, according to TMZ. My advice to the lucky groom: Try not to think about the fact she married you immediately after bombing another movie. There’s no way that has anything do with anything, safety net.


Octopunk said...

That's quite a lot of side boob she's sporting there.

I wouldn't have thought that marrying Brian Austin Green was any kind of career safety net. I guess he's still got his 90210 money. Or is he producing music, or something? Or... do I care?

This isn't the kind of observation I really like to make, but since it's Megan Fox I will: I watched the second Transformers movie recently (barf) and looking at her face I could already see that she's not sporting the same youthful glow she used to. Normally that doesn't matter (not in that short a time frame, I mean), but I don't think she's got the personality or skill required for people to ignore it. You can see what I'm talking about in this picture, if you take your eyes off the side boob.

Jordan said...

That's not side boob! That's boob! Side boob is, you know, on the side, near the girl's arms and ribcage.