Sunday, October 02, 2016

Amigo Undead


Seeing as the first two reviews to hit the blog this year are both comedy/horror I'd say maybe I'm not the only one looking to jump in on the lighter side of the genre. Two brothers and their friends embark on a camping expedition into the desert to explore the land that one of them has recently acquired. On the first day their friend Jovan chokes to death on a hotdog. The gang makes an irrational decision to bury him in the desert so it wont screw up their vacation. That night Jovan returns from the dead a changed man with revenge on his mind. The guys flee but nothing seems to stop their undead buddy from his pursuit.

The film could have been more appropriately titled, 1000 ways to kill Jovan. I have 3 questions that I ask myself before reviewing a comedy/horror film:

1. Did it make me laugh? Check
2. Does it definitely include enough horror to be considered more than comedy? Check
3. Is it entertaining enough to hold my attention throughout. Check

Amigo Undead met all three requirements. It was also nice to see Jeff Bryan Davis of Whose Line is it Anyway? fame on a different level, he makes an appearance as the sheriff who has an unfortunate encounter with Jovan. Fun and mildly gory definitely bitty friendly.


DKC said...

Always good to know about the biddy friendly ones. Nice review, Cat!

AC said...

Three stars is the very definition of an average rating, but when it comes to horror-comedy, it's not too shabby. Welcome to the board, Catfreeek!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Great checklist. I can count on one hand how many movies fit all 3 requirements.

JPX said...

Haha, why was Jovan so pissed off at his friends? He choked on a hot dog and they buried him so they could continue their fun weekend - I think I answered my own question. Ridiculous find, as always, Cat!

Octopunk said...

You all have permission to finish your vacations if I'm on them with you and I die on the first night. Don't bury me, though, wrap me in plastic and take me home after.

Good coverage, Cat.