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Holidays is a horror-anthology film with 8 – short films, one set around each of the following holidays:

Valentine’s *
St. Patrick’s *
Easter  *1/2
Mother’s Day 1/2
Father’s Day **
Halloween ****
Xmas ****
New Year’s ****

The quality of these films is widely varied, and thus, the non-commital 3 star rating overall, but I’ve provided a quick star-rating on each segment listed above.  Here’s a quick summary of each:
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Valentine’s:  Awkward student has crush on gym teacher who also happens to need a heart transplant.  Bet you can figure out how that one will end.

St. Patrick’s:  A Rosemary’s Baby rip-off, but with snakes! 
Image result for holidays horror movie
Easter: A really f---ing creepy Jesus/Bunny/Chicken zombie comes to life. 

Mother’s Day: A 2nd Rosemary’s Baby rip-off!  2 of these in the first 4 shorts!

Father’s Day: Daddy departs for another dimension!  Very sci-fi.

Halloween: written and directed by Kevin Smith.  If you like his comedy, you’ll like this one.
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Xmas: Virtual Reality xmas present shows more than expected!

New Year’s: an online dating website matches two perfect mates.

I did enjoy the last three, but had to suffer through the first five. 

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Catfreeek said...

I actually like the first one the most, twisted but that one bitch deserved it, you know.