Wednesday, October 26, 2016



Vee is having a high school identity crisis. The boy she has a crush on has no interest in her and her best friend hogs all the attention. Frustrated, she makes the impulsive decision to join an underground online game called “Nerve” where contestants are wired money upon completing “dares” cooked up by “watchers”. She becomes hooked on the game instantly when her first dare (“Kiss a stranger for 5 seconds”) nets her a quick hundred bucks. What starts out fun quickly becomes dangerous once she hooks up with another player, Ian, who is bent on winning the entire affair. Only one person can win and there are strict “rules”.

Nerve is a cautionary tale about the perils of desiring fame through social media and a willingness to do anything to obtain that fame. If you can get past the idea that such a complicated and dangerous “game” could fly under the radar of law authorities and parents than you will have a fun time watching pretty people engage in risky behaviors for the sake of fame and fortune. It is never clear who created/maintains the Nerve game but who cares because that’s not why you’re “watching” it.

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DKC said...

Sounds like a decent trip! I've never heard of this.