Tuesday, October 04, 2016


 (2014)*1/2 SBIG

Three female friends go away to a remote cabin on a lake for a relaxing weekend. They are soon joined by their male counter parts who show up and crash their girl getaway. While swimming the group finds themselves under attack by zombie beavers. They charge back to the cabin and prepare to fight the onslaught as the beavers close in for the kill. These are some smart ass beavers too, they took out the phone lines so the gang can't call for help leaving them to their own devices.

It's all fun and games till somebody loses a foot.

One giant pile of silliness, rc powered beavers and muppets. If campy horror/comedy is your cup of tea this film certainly delivers, it definitely brings on the laughs and boobs too. Filled with lots of homemade gore and a madcap twist at the end that had us roaring with laughter. Streaming on Netflix, best to watch with friends.


DKC said...

Campy horror/comedy IS my cup of tea! This sounds hilarious!

JPX said...

You had me at "boobs"

Trevor said...

With a title like "zombeavers", I would have expected a different level of nudity.

Catfreeek said...


AC said...

Sounds entertaining! I think Mr. AC liked it too.