Monday, October 24, 2016


aka: Eega

Nani, a very pleasant and enthusiastic young man is in love with Bindhu a micro artist. Though she continually thwarts his efforts we can see by her hidden smiles that she is just playing hard to get. Their adorable game of cat and mouse is interrupted by Sudeep, a wealthy narcissistic man who is quite boastful about how he can have any woman he wants because he's so rich and powerful and charming (sound familiar). Sudeep spots the beautiful Bindhu and knows he must have her so he donates a large sum of money to her charity and asks her to lunch. Bindhu accepts his invitation, as Sudeep orders he explains that the dish he has asked for is a lovers meal to be shared by two, she is to feed him a spoon and he is to feed her a spoon signifying that their relationship will go beyond friendship but Bindhu isn't listening to him she is watching the nearby Nani who is flirting from a distance in his usual way. When the meal comes she begins to eat without feeding Sudeep, he realizes she is focused on Nani and not him and becomes inwardly enraged. That evening Nani professes his love to Bindhu, yes it's done in song but not Bollywood style, and Binhu finally breaks down and tells Nani she loves him too. She runs up to her apartment to finish an art piece that Nani inspired and as she is running down to show him Nani is kidnapped by Sudeep. Sudeep beats him to death and with his dying words Nani pledges to kill him. This is where the story gets strange, Nani is resurrected as a fly, he is able to reveal his identity to Bindhu who uses her micro skills to erect fly armor and the two set out to put an end to Sudeep. This leads to the most satisfying PITA(pipe in the ass) torturous revenge that I've seen in awhile.

More of a comedy but the revenge is quite sweet. Who would think a fly could get the best of a man but the progression is genius. Nani buzzes in and out of his ears preventing Sudeep from getting any sleep which breaks down his sanity. His henchmen all think he's lost his mind babbling about a fly so they lose respect for him. He blows a huge deal with some colleagues as Nani lands on the investor's head and Sudeep goes in for the kill. I was quite apprehensive about diving into another Indian horror/thriller for these past experience reasons:

a) The language and subtitles are infuriating. Not only do they talk fast and frequent causing you to speed read but they constantly jump from english to hindi and when the english starts the subtitles stop not giving your brain enough time to adjust to listening instead of reading. It's a total mind fuck!

b) Bollywood, enough said.

Makkhi has some of the above but the subtitles continue even when they slip into english, the dialog is at a normal pace and the singing is kept to a minimum without all the Bollywood flare. I rated it high for it's entertainment value and the sweet, sweet revenge. This film is currently streaming on Netflix.


JPX said...

This does not sound like my cup of tea but I'm glad you reviewed this! Computer woes have prevented me from discovering any foreign horror this year. This movie just sounds insane. Ant Man should partner up with him...

DKC said...

This sounds like something that is my cup of tea. What a fun find!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I'm intrigued by the sweet, sweet revenge!

Catfreeek said...

Oh it's sweet.