Wednesday, October 05, 2016



A deaf woman who lives alone in a remote location is terrorized by a psychopath. Maddie enjoys her solitude, it's the perfect setting for her to work on her book. Her beautiful niche in the woods seems like a perfect dream until one evening when a masked stranger shows up taunting and tormenting her while she remains trapped in her home.  He's taken out any means of outside communication so she is left with only her own wits to outsmart her potential killer.

The setting is one we all know, we've seen it hundreds of times. The key to making a film like this successful is all in the way it plays out. We have two potentially intelligent beings one with malicious intent the other in survival mode, what I inevitably find myself doing is tallying the amount of stupid mistakes made by either party that could or would have resulted in them reaching their ultimate goal. Now in this case the killer has told her that he intends to terrorize and or torture her until she wants to die and only then will he complete his task so, seeing as he has no interest in getting the job done quickly any misfortune that befalls on him is his own fault. Maddie on the other hand is frightened and her adrenaline is pumping at full force, she has a household of potential weapons (kitchen knives, tools etc) at her disposal she just needs to wait for the perfect opportunity to use them. The film tackles her potential escapes very well for the most part as in I only found myself yelling at the tv a few times instead of throughout the entire film. The scenario is definitely unsettling enough where after watching this if I lived in such a remote location I would definitely be locking my doors and windows and sleeping with my phone under my pillow at night. Available on Netflix and totally biddy friendly.


JPX said...

I agree with your review and similarly found myself yelling at the TV! She had so many opportunities to get the upper hand. I haven't seen this in a while but I seem to recall that she is somewhat noisy as well. Still, this is fun/gripping.

Trevor said...

I had fun with this - I didn't yell at the TV though, so maybe I didn't have as much fun as I could have. I really liked the character twist with the masked villain about 30 minutes in. He was a bit of a doofy villain, but it seemed original at least.

AC said...

Sounds super tense! Glad it's biddy friendly.