Thursday, January 29, 2009

HHD Winner - AC!

Zombie Cat Declares AC as the Winner!

The winning Haiku:

Racist zombie warns
Chinese brains leave you hungry
half an hour later

This was a really tough choice and I had it narrowed down to 4. In the end I had to go with the one that caused me to choke with laughter. Congrats AC, this tough choice will be yours next week.

Here are the 3 very close runners up:

Miko, for stating the obvious.

Please, how many times?
Will you shoot them in the chest
Before you learn, HEAD!!

50P, Zombie Shakespeare.

"alas, poor yorick
i ate him, horatio
kept his skull for laughs."

Nowandzen, hilarious!

Blackest eyes staring
Skin cold, pulled unnatural
Victoria Beckham

Did someone say Haikus?

There are several honorable mentions as well. These just cracked me up:

I just ate a kid.
Kid really needed a bath. - 50P
Spicier that way!

A full zombie meal -
Are midgets appetizers? - HS
And kids are dessert

living sushi
fingers are the best
pick my remaining teeth - Desroc

Shy zombie teen asks,
"Hey Mom, why is it always
a not-so-fresh day?" - Chris

Great job everyone!


JPX said...

Congrats, AC! Nice work. The pressure is on - I look forward to seeing what you choose for next week's topic...

Dana's Brain said...

Awesome job, AC! I knew you had it in the bag with that one. Can't wait for next week!

nowandzen said...

AC I wasn't able to get anything in until the end of the day but when I checked in to see what shenannigans were going on I saw yours and thought, "why even try?" :) That one rocked it, nice.

Thanks for the mention on my haiku too Catfreek, that was nice of you. Also thanks Chris for putting a few up that I thought were top notch.

Cat I also really enjoyed:

Please, how many times?
Will you shoot them in the chest
Before you learn, HEAD!!

50P, Zombie Shakespeare.

"alas, poor yorick
i ate him, horatio
kept his skull for laughs."

Those were both top notch haiku's and really cracked me up.

Fun times.

miko564 said...

Congrats AC! With you as our leader next week, I am already composing odes to OCD in my head...

Julie said...

It's very funny, but I have to point out that the last line has six syllables.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Great stuff AC!

I intended on contributing and thought about it all day but drew nothing but blanks. Looking at the list now I thought JPX had a couple of overlooked gems including:

"You have car trouble?"
"Sure I can lend you a hand"
Zombie humor. Sigh

Bring on the Grateful Dead!

AC said...

thank you catfreek; i am honored you chose my haiku and delighted i made you laugh out loud!

thanks everyone. in addition to haikus mentioned this post i also thought octo's "no bullets" haiku was very clever.

haven't yet started thinking about next week's topic but you can rest assured it won't be ocd! :)

50PageMcGee said...

i loved the winner and also chris's "not so fresh" haiku.

i don't know aboutthe rest of you, but now i get totally impatient for wednesdays. HH-day is one of my favorite things each week, now.

Octopunk said...

Yes! That was my favorite, too. Congrats, AC!

HandsomeStan said...

Congratulations, AC! And thanks, Cat, for the Honorable Mention.

I have to echo 50P here when I say that HHD has made Wednesdays the most entertaining day of the week!

All credit to JSP (a no-show this week, we've got to try and find a topic he actually KNOWS something about...) for introducing a revolutionary concept that has forever changed our workweek.

Brilliance all around!

Catfreeek said...

I meant to mention JPX's zombie humor, that one cracked me up too. Oh there were just so many good ones.

nowandzen said...

Hey Cat, yes I think this is more about what tickles you're funny bone the most as everyone will have their preferences on what they think is funny. I liked your choice. :)