Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Meanwhile, at the Hall of Horror

The winner, by Catfreeek:

Wonder Dog is cool
but he's only in disguise
He's really Astro

A savvy bit of toon-insiderism, and it reminded me of my favorite line from the Wikipedia page when describing Marvin, Wendy and Wonderdog: "none of whom had any special abilities (save the dog’s unexplained ability to reason and “talk”)."

The runner up, by Dana's Brain

Ted Knight, what a voice!
Sweet tones for a crap cartoon.
Must have lost a bet.

These two were neck and neck but I ultimately went with Freeek's because it managed to dis the SFs while also being on their side, and my sister's "crap cartoon" was meaner. Not that it wasn't a crap cartoon...

The honorable mentions:


Everyone had tights
But only one without pants
What was Black Bolt's deal?

Kudos to HS for illuminating another important dimension of the character Black Bolt besides his race, fostering a deeper understanding of the man. He wore no pants.

Johnny Sweatpants

I’m Apache Chief
First I’m small and then I’m huge
And that’s about it

The Chief's lameness had been covered earlier in the day by Stan, but the simplicity of this one is pure Japan, man.

There were also a couple of notable lines, which I present out of context for better individual appreciation.

From Miko

Stayed in Darth Vader's Head

Just a wonderful juxtaposition of words and ideas: that you could "stay" in someone's head, and that the someone could be Darth Vader for crying out loud. And best of all...

It's totally true! That is so Darth Vader's head. Is it possible I never noticed that?

From JPX

The "Egg" episode scared me

Ah! Me too! There's that scene at the end in which they find one more fiendish egg marked with "R E," and Aquaman warns it might be a Rampaging herd of Elephants -- so scary! It turns out it was a "Real Egg" squished on Marvin's head as a prank. I always wondered how the elephants thing would've gone down, though.

And from Nowandzen

Lantern, ring and gills

Just roll that over your tongue a few times. Perfect word choices in perfect place. It makes you realize how this ridiculous, obscure art form became so popular.

Thanks, everybody! And I haven't watched Lost yet, so nobody ruin anything.


Catfreeek said...

Wow! I'm stunned! Thanks Octo, I'll be churning over topics for next week. I have a few ideas in mind but it'll be a tough choice.

As for Lost, one of my co-workers was so excited she texted me over 30 times throughout the show. I wanted to strangle her in her sleep.

HandsomeStan said...

Congrats, Cat! I had a feeling you had your game face on after "useless Aquaman."

And I've completely lost the thread on Lost. Did they ever explain the polar bears?

nowandzen said...

Everyone dies in Lost.


Great choice Octo and congrats cat, that really was a good one. I thought you and Dana had some great ones yesterday and I'm eager to see your topic for next week.

Johnnies cracked me up:

Who's the purple guy?
Top row, 2nd from the left?
He looks like a prick

Landshark said...

These were great! Is Wednesday official haiku day? That's my sucky 4 classes day...damn.

nowandzen said...

Yessir it is apparently. Just throw yours in when you get home. I'm sure you will have some good ones.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I demand a recount! I don't feel that Apache's penis got a fair shake. (Heh, get it?)

Congrats Catfreeek.

Fun topic!

AC said...

sorry i missed all the fun. i am stricken with a stomach bug that is going around my clinic. good times.

octo, so glad you posted a powerpuff girls clip! classic. :)

JPX said...

stomach flu? No excuse! It only takes a second,

Anne did not haiku
Derailed by a stomach flu
No excuse, boo hoo!

Catfreeek said...

AC hope you're feeling better and make sure you leave that nasty flu at home Saturday night ;Þ

Dana's Brain said...

OMG, you guys! I'm so honored to be an honorable mention! Thank you, thank you.

I really loved some of Cat's Aquaman ones too - the sushi one made me laugh out loud.

Hope you feel better, AC! You better by Saturday!

AC said...

thanks for sympathy
don't think it's flu, not sure what.
feeling better now.

saturday may still
work, don't want to infect you
not even johnny