Thursday, April 09, 2009

Jiggle Hump Results

Another splendid haiku showing from everyone, and a big bouncy thank you to all who took part. As usual you all represented, which made my day a delight and makes this decision oh so tough. While there can be only one winner, let's revisit some of my favorites. Things started a bit slow in terms of quantity, but the quality was high right out of the gate.

AC nailed the funny right away with this beaut:

david hasselhoff!?!?
i'm straight, but would rather do
linda carter, thanks.

I couldn't agree more.

Stan was prolific and his love for Erin Grey was as touching as it was recurring. Here's just a couple:

Name: "Wilma Deering."
Job: "hot starfighter pilot"
Me: "childhood crush"

Was Isis "Jiggle?"
She could've been much hotter
Like Erin Grey is

I laughed out loud on the second one. But Stan's best of the day was throwing props across the pond:

Orig'nal jiggla:
British genius Benny Hill
Speed that footage up!

If anyone thought G was fucking around, they were way off. This gem is hilarious, layered, and a damn fine haiku:

don't hassle the 'Hoff
his buoyant casting saved lives
here comes the montage.

Cat does well to remind us all that jigglers, regardless of race or creed, deserve recognition:

Good Times jiggler
Thelma was a real brick house
with hair like Gretchen

For the record, I don't know who this Gretchen is, only that she looks like Screech and keeps turning up at humpday events. Anyway, nice job Cat!

JPX had a nice two-parter. This reminded of being an innocent (i.e. dumb) kid and not realizing why I liked shows with hot ladies.

Wonder Woman rocked
I liked it for the action
I’m an idiot

Dad liked the show too
I thought he liked the action
I’m an idiot

Speaking of two-parters, a new (or so we thought) ku'er showed up in the form of JeffBrown17 with this fantastic entry:

Let me, once again
Mount my defense of Ginger
You people are nuts

Two words: mount, Ginger
Let it not go unnoticed
The word "nuts" there too

Turns out that was actually 50PageMcGee with an odd public computer mishap. Props must be doled out for playing from a public computer, and for creating a second haiku to explain the funny in the first one.

And mention must be made of Zen's late, gross entry:

Suzanne Summers strains
Old now grunting exercise
Heads up methane bomb

Many more good one's but I must get to work, so on to the winner. This isn't an easy decision, as I'm sure it never is, but for me it came down to

Stan's: Orig'nal Jiggla
G's: don't hassle the hoff
And JeffBrown/50's: mount, Ginger

All three are deserving, but getting the nod this week:

JeffBrown17! Congratulations!


Catfreeek said...

Congrats to you JeffBrown17 aka 50P you're on a roll.

This was a fun topic Chris and something I know I would never have thought of. Now I'm off to write Gretchen's tale for finish it Friday.

JPX said...

Great work, Chris, and congrats JeffBrown17. I wanted to participate more but I couldn't get on the blog at work yesterday.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Yeah I was having blog woes myself and had no creative output anyway.

Congrats 50! You're on fire lately.

Chris said...

Good times all around. I'm glad it was fun. When the day started I was sure that I was going to be the one to kill Haiku Humpday. Thanks to all for playing!

Octopunk said...

That was a great topic! I have no good reason for missing the day entirely like I did, except maybe that each time I thought of another appropriate TV show I'd review the latest haikus and someone else had scooped me. Eh.

G said...

Yep, that's what I woulda picked, too. Great work, all!

nowandzen said...

Nice job but where is our winner? Is he phoning it in?

JPX said...

Yeah, where the hell is JeffBrown17???

50PageMcGee said...

whoa, seriously? i didn't even check this till saturday, so fully convinced was i that i wasn't going to beat AC.

you people are nuts.