Wednesday, October 19, 2005



Shigehura is a widower who has not dated in the 7 years since his wife’s death. One morning his teenage son comments that Shigehura is starting to look old and he should be pursuing a new relationship. After recounting his son’s comments to a friend who works in a production company, the two hatch a plan to audition pretty females for a film that doesn’t really exist. This way Shigehura will have the home court advantage of screening potential girlfriends without having to go on awkward blind dates. Many interviews later, Shigehura sets his sights on Asami, a striking, demure 24-year old. After gaining courage, Shigehura calls Asami for a follow-up interview over dinner. The two quickly hit it off and began a romance. Meanwhile, Shigehura’s friend, who helped set up the auditions, expresses concern that something isn’t quite right with Asami. In addition to feeling uneasy around her, a background check was unable to verify any of the details of her resume. Ignoring his friend’s concerns, Shigehura invites Asami to join him for a weekend in the country. After a night of passion, Shigehura wakes up to find that Asami has vanished. After weeks of searching for Asami, Shigehura begins to realize that his friend’s intuition may have been correct.

To give anything more away about this film would be a disservice. Audition is directed by Takashi Miike [Ichi the Killer, One Missed Call], and in true Miike fashion, he sledgehammers his audience with some of the most upsetting, disturbing, cringe-worthy material you’ll ever see on film. What appears to be a cute romantic movie is really a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You’ll need an iron stomach to get though the final third of the film. Deliciously vicious and well worth your time, Audition is destined to become a classic. I promise you that you’ll never look at Asian women the same way again.


Anonymous said...

Somewhere, on some rental movie or something, I saw a preview for this movie. It definitely looked creepy and very, very gross...

JPX said...

Very gross doesn't even begin to describe the final section of the film!