Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Evil of Frankenstein

(1964) **

Peter Cushing takes over the role of Dr. Frankenstein in this mediocre entry in the endless Frankenstein series. Dr. Frank revives the classic monster by using a shady hypnotist. Things get dicey when the the hypnotist exerts too much control over the beast.

Ultimately, the Evil of Frankenstein is a pleasant Saturday afternoon monster movie though it lacks the tragic sympathy for the monster that made the originals more engaging. It simply wasn't the "graveyard smash" that I've been searching for. The monster himself looks like the bastard son of Leatherface and Frankenberry.


Summerisle said...

Great picture! Totally confirms my Frankenberry/Leatherface assertion!

Octopunk said...

I was tempted to just find a picture of Frankenberry, just as I was tempted to post the Kiss album cover for the last one. But, nahh...