Monday, October 17, 2005

The Fog

(2005) *1/2

JPX did a fine job skewering this one but I can throw some insults at it as well: inspid, half-baked, shameless, lackluster, neither here nor there, let's see... smelly, hair-brained. I couldn't find any reviews to deter me from the Fog and I suspect that the studio knew they had a dud on their hands so they refused to air it in advance, hoping for one strong weekend at the box office. Tragically, it worked. #1 movie in America!

I wasn't terribly disappointed mainly because I thought the original was pretty ho-hum. The director seemed to try to replicate the the washed out colors and all around eeriness of the Ring/Grudge movies but was just unable to generate... well, anything. I watched this Friday and can barely remember it today (Monday). Ask me about it again in a week.

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