Thursday, October 13, 2005

Friday the 13th Part 3: 3D

(1982) **1/2

I just got an email from my East Coast competitors that they're going to catch this movie in actual 3D at the end of the month. I've never seen this flick in actual 3D, so needless to say, I'm TOTALLY JEALOUS.

I wasn't so amped by this particular F13 entry. Compared to the second one, there was something about its presentation that was strangely lurid and self-conscious. Perhaps the lustre was just gone at this point; but the caricaturized layout of the players seemed as overdone as the actresses' makeup.

The events take place immediately after the events of number 2, which means people are hearing about it on the news but not taking precautions in any way. As our vanload of kids is passing the scene of Jason's first tag, Hero Girl looks worried when sees the cops loading a body bag. Her friend says "don't let your imagination run away with you." Imagination? Uh...body bag?

In the van is the Couple, the Stoner Couple, the hapless girl they set up with the Prankster, and the Prankster himself, who's like Animal House's Flounder but not as sexy. He stages jokes with Savini-esque props that amuse absolutely nobody, but he does get cred for bequeathing Jason the hockey mask (finally!). Also at the house is Hero Girl's big baby boyfriend, who constantly whines about the sex they're not having. Wasn't sorry to see him go.

As a whole, the killings have some style, but a number of them suffer from the whole 3D thing. The way they're shot, I didn't guess they'd be really good as 3D effects, either, but I'm curious what JPX and Summerisle are going to say about it. Adding the motorcycle gang (80's version) was a good move to up the body count. I was surprised at the notable dropoff in skin content; that girl who takes the long shower manages to keep everything out of the frame.

In closing, I need to give mad props to the opening music. I thought I'd heard in-your-face synth before, but this was like Yello collaborating with Eddie Grant collaborating with Animotion. With the 3D letters, the smoke machine background, and the bwumpa bwump bwump of whatever instrument that was meant to sound like, I was transported into a weird alternate universe in which I was seeing the 1964 premiere of the live-action Snorks movie. I know that doesn't make any sense, but that was the vision invoked.


JPX said...

Friday the 13th 3D has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. Yes, it's totally stupid, but it fits into the so-bad-is-good category. I love the prankster character who is not the least bit funny (has a great 3D harpoon death). I love the 80s biker gang. I love the climax where Jason is hanging from the barn and comes back to life. I think it's here that they first establish that Jason can't be killed. Can't wait to catch it in 3D, I only wish I could see Jaws 3D!

Octopunk said...

After watching F13 #4 last night, I realized my pic was from that movie and not 3. Dammit. All this time I've been hunting up pix from movies I've never heard of, and the first time I snag a picture from the wrong movie it's one I watched.

The Prankster character is fun, but he was so pathetic it tired me out.

JPX said...

That picture you now have up is awesome! I love the parts that were obviously meant for 3D, like the guy throwing popcorn up in the air and catching it in his mouth.

Octopunk said...

I can't wait to hear how that popping eyeball looks.