Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Blame


The third film in the Spanish 6 films to keep you awake series I've been watching. The Blame tells the story of Gloria, a nurse and her young daughter Vicky who move in with Dr. Ana Torres. Gloria, agreeing to work as her assistant for her home obstetric practice. After moving in she is a disappointed to find out that the job also includes assisting with abortions. When Gloria becomes pregnant Ana convinces her that it would be in her best interest to abort the baby. Following the procedure the fetus mysteriously disappears. Soon after noises are being heard in the house and Vicky's behavior becomes strange. The two women grow suspicious of the little girl and must uncover the truth.

This was an uncomfortable little film filled with suspicious characters and tense atmosphere. I think anything dealing with fetus' in horror is a recipe for creepy. After seeing that evil little killer baby beast in “It's Alive” I just don't trust the little suckers. There are some unexpected twists in the story. Uncomfortable as it is to think that someone stole the fetus, it's even more disturbing to think that it might somehow have survived. Still, another good film from this series. They haven't disappointed me yet.

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Octopunk said...

Ah! Wait! Is that little girl's doll the fetus in a wig? Ahhhh!!! (Sound of running, door slamming)