Sunday, October 18, 2009

Geomi sup (Spider Forest)

(2004) ***

The film begins with a man, Kang discovering the dead bodies of a couple brutally murdered in a remote cabin in the woods. He sees someone running out the back door and chases them into the woods. They have a brief encounter where the assailant attacks him and leaves him for dead. He gets up and stumbles his way to the road where he is struck by a car and later wakes up in a hospital. He tells an acquaintance who is a police detective as much of his story as he can remember and the bodies are found. As the detective begins to piece things together a past history from the area resurfaces. Kang soon realizes that he is a prime suspect in the killing of the two people he found dead. He must recover his lost memories to discover the whole truth about that night.

Very artistic and soulfully done but a little lengthy and confusing. The many flashbacks and switching of stories had me a bit frustrated. Although the film pulls itself together quite nicely at the end I still felt like it was too disorienting at times that I think I missed some of the key clues hidden within. A good film, just not a great one. Sometimes there is just too much story to squeeze into a small amount of time.


Johnny Sweatpants said...

That bottom image is just appalling.

Holy shit Catfreeek - Martyrs!

Catfreeek said...

Did I tell you or what.

AC said...

wow, another oogy image catfreeek! guess i'm just too squeamish. :)

Octopunk said...

I like the image of the floating girl, but I get ya about J-horror getting bogged down with itself. Been there.