Saturday, October 24, 2009


(2006) ****

What if every person who died became a zombie? And what if someone found a way to domesticate the zombies? And what if it were 1950s middle America? "Fido" expolores these important questions from the point of view of a lonely young boy, Timmy. Timmy's mom, intent on keeping up with the Joneses, obtains a domesticated zombie whom Timmy names Fido. Sure, there are problems, such as when Fido's containment collar malfunctions and he chews up the elderly next-door neighbor, but for the most part, well, he's just like one of the family.

Thanks much to Catfreeek, who recommended this delightful "zomedy." The juxtoposition of the 1950s feel with the placid acceptance of the walking undead is intrinsically funny, and the movie commits to its premise 100%. Really, you could watch Fido for its cast alone: Carrie-Anne Moss, Billy Connolly, and Dylan Baker are each perfect in their respective roles. If you're hungry for zombie-themed satire or need a break from depressing, hardcore horror, I highly recommend "Fido."


Catfreeek said...

So glad you felt the same way about this film as I did. Nice review AC, guess you and Mr.AC will be zombie survival experts by the end of the month.

HandsomeStan said...

"Zomedy"! Is that the first I'm hearing of this brilliant new word?


DCD said...

Sounds delightful! Way to continue the zombie round up!

Octopunk said...

I saw one trailer for this a while ago (probably because JPX posted about it) and I was instantly intrigued. But then I never heard anything else about it. So glad to hear it's good!

I like "zomedy" and I also like "zompocalypse." I suppose "zombocalypse" would be an acceptable variation. However, for me no turn of phrase involving the zed-word will ever top "Is this the end of zombie Shakespeare?"