Sunday, October 25, 2015

Check-in! One week to go!

Greetings, homies!  I've been out of it for a couple of days but it was for a good cause.  Literally!  I was making two art pieces for charity.

And of course I didn't get started early enough so I was crazy every night for most of last week, or catching up on sleep.  Here's the other piece before final assembly.  It's called Not My Apocalypse.

Here's the piece in final form,

And here's the side.  Rivets!

The sliced green head thing atop this post is a bust of The Nerd, one of Robot Chicken's few original characters.  About a dozen were made and doled out to those who signed up in time.  The results were amazing.

And here's my favorite:

Speaking of arts and crafts I have cast the core of the second Horrorthon trophy and here it is:

By the way I have a couple of ideas to discuss.

1.  This movie

2.  Since Halloween is on a Saturday this year I vote we say October goes as long as you can stay up that night.  Although we're all old we'll probably fall asleep anyway.

3.  A Christmas Horror Story reminded me of an idea I had, in which we pic a genre a month and all review ONE movie in that genre and drop the reviews during the last week of the month.  Thoughts?

4. If anyone cares I caught up on comments going down to Catfreeek's Cooties review, and in my comment on Abduscias's review of The Visitor I mention how I just discovered the movie was on YouTube and promised to watch it immediately upon finishing this post, and then post my review tomorrow.  So off I go!  Horrorthon, amiright?

(Hopefully I won't fall asleep)


AC said...

Nice work Octopunk, and why does October have to be so fecking busy??

I am all in for the once a month genre movie idea.

No opinion on the deadline for movie watching. Either way fine with me.

Deathgasm looks great! Have you seen it yet?

Yay for catching up on comments!

Octopunk said...

Totally haven't seen Deathgasm, I just came across the trailer, like ya do.

It's 10:15ish and I have to cut and glue some foam core for a guy right now, but I'm going to post a The Visitor review after. Perhaps not technically the day I said, but in my own special way it's the same day.

Octopunk said...

Dammit I lied! Going to bed.

Catfreeek said...

I'm in on the once a month genre film review thingy.

I think the Halloween deadline extension is a great idea since it's hard for me to watch anything until our hordes of trick or treaters go home.

Deathgasm? Fuck yeah!!!

Waiting patiently for your Visitor review.

JPX said...

Good grief, man, "charity"? Screw charity and watch some damn movies*. I love your pictures and contribution to the charity. I would be down for the once/monthly reviews!


Trevor said...

1. Deathgasm. Reminds me of Hesher, but with demons. Anybody see Hesher?
2. Agreed, but it'll be tempting just to never go to sleep again.
3. Nice idea.
4. Good luck.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Not My Apocalypse - f'in love it!

DKC said...

Has Deathgasm come up already this month? I swear I've seen that before.

Abduscias said...

I'm having issues falling asleep watching movies! Eeeek! :)