Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tales of Halloween

(2015) ****

As stated below, ten short horror stories, not really connected except that they take place in a small town on Halloween night, emulate the format set out by Creepshow and yes, the superior Trick 'r Treat, to offer lots of fun horror with a Halloween emphasis.

As with any of these, the quality of each story varies, but overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality that this VOD pick had to offer.  The first three stories were my favorite - each had a surprise ending, and an amusing amount of gore and scares.  The picture above is of "Sweet Tooth", the Halloween monster with a penchant for candy.  The middle got bogged down a little bit with some weird styles and a couple anti-climactic conclusions, but the quality picked up in the last few segments.

The quality of VOD rentals is usually pretty poor, but sometimes you find a good one.  I definitely recommend this one.  And, for our time-crunched 'thoners.  Each story is only 8-10 minutes, so you can watch this one in small snippets and still get the whole experience.  I recommend it.


Catfreeek said...

The time pacing sounds perfect for Halloween night in my busy neighborhood. I'm always looking for something that can be interrupted easily.

AC said...

glad you liked it so much! I'm tempted to just watch the first three, but then it wouldn't count for horrorthon.

JPX said...

I would agree with your assessment that the first 3 stories are the best. For me the rest or hit or miss, mostly miss. I did enjoy the overall Halloween "feel" though!

Abduscias said...

I've been looking forward to this one!

Octopunk said...

Nice review, Trevor! Comes with a Horrorthon-specific action plan: "And for our time-crunched viewers..."