Friday, October 23, 2015

The Visitor


Watched it with Catfreeek for the reason of seeing a young Lance Henriksen in all of his glory, but that was cut short since he was only in it for maybe a half hour.
You can read her review hereThe Visitor, which includes the psychedelic trailer.
The trailer made it look interesting, yet a little cheesy. Well to me, it was 90% cheesy!  Including a cheesy Jesus! It's taken me two weeks to write this with a straight face.
An annoying evil little girl has an annoying pet hawk that she uses for her evil doings against her good nannies and her mother. She is bent on destroying her mother who owns a magical lady part, that Lance Henriksen is trying to get pregnant for the "evil side". Typical good vs evil with trippy visuals and old man with a bad back(God?) who tries to take out the evil force.


Catfreeek said...

Just reading your review gives me flashbacks to the theme music! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!

Octopunk said...

Well ladies, I'm sorry. By the time you read this (probably, unless you're up late), any attempts to have me not see this film will have failed. Because I just decided I must watch the tailer again, and guess what spooled up behind it? The movie itself. So I'm going to finish up my comments and maybe post something non-reviewish and then I'm going to watch the bastard. I will present my review tomorrow.

Catfreeek said...


AC said...

ok Octopunk, what was your take on cheesy Jesus (Cheesus?) and the rest? What a cast, by the way! And the trailer itself is pure late 70s gold.

Catfreeek said...

Is it me or does that look like a giant vagina in the sky?

Abduscias said...

Lol, Catfreeek!!